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Monday, April 24, 2017

Fruit Feeder - It's for the birds!

Good morning,

My Honey enjoys wood working, bird watching, and photography.

To combine them all, he built a fruit bird feeder.  We can put apples in this feeder as well as oranges.
We're still in the test period moving the feeder to different places in our yard where the birds can get to it and My Honey can get good pictures.  

Retirement is such fun!



Pamela Gordon said...

What a neat idea! I've never tried using fruit for birds such as Oriols, or even liquid feeders for them. You'll have to keep us updated if your husband captures any birds at this. The hummingbirds should be arriving here in about 2 weeks or so but our weather is still very cool so they may be a bit late this year.

Tanya said...

Great idea for a bird feeder! The humans eat up all the fruit in our house so the poor birds don't get much. If I had a pretty feeder I might feed them more"