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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Wendy in the Window

Good morning,

I went out on the front porch to take pictures in the sun of an item for our shop.  On the other side of the window was Wendy on Guard.  Wendy is keeping an eye on the neighborhood to be sure no one gets near the house who shouldn't be near the house.
So, this is how Wendy looks from the other side of the french doors from the image that is in my blog header.

Wendy takes her job very, very seriously.



Sherry said...

Did anyone ever tell Wendy that Labs are not threatening??? Look at that face.

Another "cute" dog story! My cousin, Kenny, has a bulldog mix that is about 4 years old. His name is Ammo. A very loving and gentle dog. Well, Ammo's mama got together with a Rotweiller. His mom's owner decided to have some fun while Kenny was away at our reunion. Kenny had already turned down an offer of a new puppy. On the day Kenny returned home, he opened his garage door and there was a 7 week old Rotweiller/bulldog mix. You guessed it! Kenny couldn't give him back! He's a cute little thing. Looks mostly like a Rotweiller. Kenny named him Trump!!! What I'm most concerned about. . . Kenny's wife, Bobbie, always had a rule of "no dogs in the house." That was before Ammo came along and melted her heart. How is she going to deal with two dogs?

Lois Evensen said...

Love the story, Sherry! Maybe Wendy doesn't look too threatening, but Erik (her huge Black Lab buddy) sure does! Wendy sets off the alarm, then Erik and Penny show up to assist.

Rose said...

Love that photo, and loved Sherry's story.

I don't know if you have seen pictures of Lorelei and their dog Otto on my Pics & Pieces blog. Fun stories of him are this...he is a mix, that came to their house as a puppy. They returned him to owner, he came back...on the second or third time, they asked the owner did he want him, and if he didn't they would keep him. He is American Staffordshire mix...loves almost everyone. He is at least 9 years old...and I know two people he did not like...and one of them was a stranger walking a block away.

But everyone else, he loves. Daughter was washing her car in front of her house in Indy, and had him with her but not on leash. It is a nice quiet neighborhood...the UPS guy came and he ran and got in the truck with him because he wanted to go for a ride. She had to drag him off.

Then she had to walk across the street to get Lorelei off the bus and had him with her, this time on the leash, but he tried his best to get on the bus with all those kids! As far as I know, he has never knocked over a child, while with adults he will play and get a bit rough. Lorelei has climbed on him, laid on him, sat on him...and he just cannot be hurt. I call him the love dog...

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Rose,

Love your story!

I just went over and looked at your blog again to see more of Lorelei and your pup. Darling! :)))


Ida said...

She's a lovely looking dog.

Tanya said...

Wendy has a nice spot. I think my cats would like a spot in the sun like that.