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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Deer Antler

Good morning,

Deer naturally shed their antlers and those antlers are sometimes found in wooded areas.  Usually, they are not this pristine because other animals get to them and like to use them as chew sticks.

Dogs also love chewing on antlers and you can find them (usually cut up in sections and quite expensive) in pet stores packaged for sale to dog owners.

The antler pictured was brought to Catherine, our daughter and trainer of our pups, at her CPA practice by a client with a large wooded property.  It was quite a find because it had not been disturbed by other animals.

The antler is so pretty we're not so sure we want to chop it up to use for dog chews!

It is good to be home.  :)



Rose said...

Before his stroke, Roger could have gotten some real nice knife handles from that antler!

Tanya said...

I definitely wouldn't chop that up or give it to the dogs! An accessory holder? An original ornament holder and depending on the seasons show off Christmas or Easter or summer decorations... just some ideas.