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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Rebuilding the Fire Places

Good morning,

Last week we had quite a lot of work going on inside our home.

Above you see the crew removing the interior of our sitting room second floor fireplace and preparing to rebuilt it.
This is the first floor fireplace.  The fire bricks have been removed back to the brick outer wall of the house.
Back to the second floor, new fire bricks are being installed.
On both the first and second floor, an aluminum liner was placed between the outer wall and fire bricks.
It's looking better and better!
This is another shot of the second floor.
 And, finally, this is the finished new interior of the first floor fireplace.

Also, the chimneys for first and second floor were lined with stainless steel and there will be a new chimney cap.  The entire interiors of the fireplaces were replaced/renewed from the floor to the top of the chimney.

Now we will wait two weeks for the mortar to set before building a fire.  I'm sure we'll get another cool evening so we can try it out before summer.  :)

Just a word to the wise, be sure to have your fireplaces checked.  Our home is very old and we have had the fireplaces cleaned regularly, but when we had the entire system checked we felt it was time to rebuild the whole thing.

The disruption in the house all week was certainly worth it!

All the best,


Sherry said...

That's a MAJOR job! I'm sure you'll be glad to get it over with. A job you can't ignore or it could be disastrous.

FAB said...

Nicely done and worth all the upheaval.

Rose said...

What a job this must have been...bet your are glad it is done/ or at the least about done.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Fireplaces can be a lot of work if you are burning wood, which is why we had gas fireplaces in our VA home. Your finished fireplaces looks nice, Lois.

Lois Evensen said...

That's exactly the point, Beatrice. We like wood much better than gas. Our fireplaces were originally wood more than 100 years ago, then when the house was converted to gas heat from coal, gas was piped to the fireplaces, too. The previous owners immediately hated it so had the gas capped. We feel the same way. This time we had the gas pipes covered over.