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Friday, November 27, 2015

Dock Dog

Good morning,

I took the above image of the front of a t-shirt our daughter, Catherine, received from a friend.

Catherine is our trainer/handler of the family dogs.  Our youngest, Wendy, at only 18 months old has earned her first two AKC dock diving titles.
I snapped this image with my phone camera.  Wendy asked to lick out the sour cream container and Catherine was happy to let her do so.  Wendy is a canine athlete with tremendously strong legs and is happy to stand up to get her snacks.

What a darling pup!



eileeninmd said...

She must love the sour cream leftovers, yum! Cute shot! Have a happy weekend!

Tanya said...

How nice that Wendy gets to visit in the kitchen. I could never let my Choco spend any time there. She would be up on the counters!

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Tanya,

Fortunately, we trained the pups early not to counter surf. Although all three of them are agility dogs and can reach whatever they want, they don't get on the counters and don't take anything from tables unless we give it to them or put it down for them. We can leave the room and they still behave. They are amazingly wonderful pups!

It's nice to see you here, Tanya. Although I now have time to work through pictures from different times and places during the past few weeks on my blog, we are now on board the ship again so I'm only able to check in to other blogs when I have enough band width, usually on Sundays. I'm only uploading to my own blog on Sundays, too.

Love and hugs,