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Friday, July 3, 2015

Diesel Ship Kysten - Toensberg, Norway

Good morning,

The Diesel Ship Kysten is tied up at the historic dockside in Toensberg, Norway, My Honey's first home town.
We have a history with this beautiful old ship, too.  There used to be tours and we have taken them numerous times.  In 2000, we had our daughter, Catherine with us and I have pictures of that trip here:


Keep in mind that we were using much older digital cameras back then, but it is fun to see the tour, the food offered during the trip, and the inside of the ship.  Catherine is wearing the white jacket, My Honey is wearing a medium blue shirt, and I'm wearing a dark blue shirt.  Long before I started blogging in 2009 here on Blogspot, I posted images to my own web site for family and friends.  Our family stretched across two continents so the Internet was a great way for us to stay connected.

And, there is more:  My husband worked on Kysten briefly many years ago when he was home on vacation from working at sea and attending Maritime Marine Engineering school. While working at sea he saved his money to attend school while home on vacation to become a Maritime Marine Engineer, licensed to be Chief Engineer on any size or type ship on any ocean.  Yes, I am proud of him.

There are wonderful memories connected to this old ship.
All of the information is in Norwegian.
I did find a Wikipedia site, but it is in Norwegian, also.

 Sadly, the Kysten is no longer providing tours. 
 This sweet old lady needs repairs and not enough money has been raised through donations to do that.
 There's that handsome man again, who finds his way into so many of my images.  :)
 One last shot of D/S Kysten.


1 comment:

Marit Johanne said...

It is a beautiful ship. Sad that they don't have enough money to repair it. I think we should take care of these old ships, shipping is an important part of Norway's history. And that handsome man, I think he must be a great admirer of you since he is always around ;)