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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Crochet Stella Starfish

Good morning,

Here is another in my series of knit and crochet critters.  There's a lot of artistic license to put a face on the top if a starfish, but Stella is so cute this way.   :)

This one takes less than an hour to make.  It is perfect to tuck one in with a baby gift, make a few in bright colors for a crib mobile, give to a little (or big) person, set on your computer desk to keep you company....


Crochet Stella Starfish

Materials: one ounce knitting worsted #4 yarn in solid color and a small amount of contrasting color for eyes, J hook, stuffing.

Ch 2 always counts as first dc in round.

Gauge, not too important. My starfish comes out about 7" across.


Round 1: (rs) ch4, jon with ss, 10 dc in ring, join with ss.

Round 2: 2 dc in each dc (20 dc), join with ss.

Break off.

Head/top/ front:

Work first two rounds as bottom/back.

Drop yarn from hook to make face.


With contrasting color yarn, make a ss on hook and pull tight. From ws, 3 sc around post of any dc on first round, ch 2, skip 2 dc, 3 sc around around post of next dc., (eyes made - push st from back so that eyes “pop up” on other side of front), ch 2, skip 1 dc, 1 sc around base of each of the next 4 dc of round 2. (mouth made).

Make a few chains across stitches just made and ss to opposite sides so that the color of eyes and mouth cover the hole made by first ch 4 on round 1 of head/top/front. This dark color will show from the other side as the starfish nose. See image.  Break off.

Pick up main color yarn from front/top.

Work one row sc around top. (20 st.)

Attach front/top to back/bottom:

Hold front and back together with wrong sides facing

From top side, sc top and bottom together, add stuffing lightly and form with top slightly bulging up and bottom flat before completing round. (20 st)

Join with ss, do not break off.


*Chain 10, Work into ch working back to base of ch :
1 sc in second ch from hook, 1 hdc, 3 dc, 3 tr, 1 dtr (9 stitches in chain)

Skip 3 sc on head then sl st to to next st.

Repeat from * until 5 arms are made.  Ss to beginning, break off, pull ends under.

Is Stella cute or what?

Comments are always welcome.



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