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Monday, January 24, 2011

Come Walk With Me

Good morning,

I have a few images today from places around Freedom of the Seas on a sea day.  As most of you know, I keep my baby camera, a Canon PowerShot SX210 IS in my pocket most of the time so I am ready to capture images as they appear before me.

The image above is of a couple enjoying the view and fresh sea air on a sunny day. 
I walked inside the ship past the Schooner Bar and saw the bartender had left a demonstration of his balancing skills out for admiration and picture taking.  I did both!
This is another display at the Schooner Bar.
After walking the length of Freedom of the Seas, more than an American football field long, I went out on deck again to see the weather had changed to overcast.  Off in the distance, with a great deal of zooming, I was able to capture an image of another Royal Caribbean ship, the Jewel of the Seas.  She is a sister ship to Radiance of the Seas, a ship I was able to photograph recently in Cozumel, Mexico.
Back inside I went up on the pool deck where there were folks enjoying the slightly overcast, but warm day.  This is the Solarium, an area reserved for adults.
At the opposite end of the pool deck is the H2O Zone, an area especially for children.  Between the two is another pool for everyone.
I then went for a wonderful snack that surely included more calories than I could have possibly walked off.  There is just nothing like Norwegian Waffle Cakes and ice cream.  Oh, yum!
By the end of the day the sky had cleared and there was a gorgeous sunset. 

It's amazing how the weather can change throughout the day while at sea.

I hope you have enjoyed walking with me. 

Very best,




Montanagirl said...

I enjoy all my walks with you. Always good photos, and oh those Norwegian Waffle Cakes....they look scrumptuous!

karen said...

Oh Lois, it looks AMAZING!!!!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't find my sneekers, so I had to wear my flip flops today, but yes, I did enjoy our walk, and I did enjoy our snack. It was delicious. It would have been nicer, if you would have waited for me to take a quick dip...but, OH NO, we had to keep walking...did enjoy it!!...debbie

Julie said...

Wonderful adventure and pictures.

Ann Nichols said...

Such a great Walk!! Thanks so much!

Judith said...

Hi Lois,Just popped in to say hello, I am trying to get caught up on everyones blogs but it is tasking some doing.
Pleased to hear that you had a great walk this morning. That ship looks so lovely.

Diana said...

That Solarium is awesome Lois! I should take your lead and carry my camera everywhere. I've missed several good photo ops lately!
Love Di ♥

The Early Birder said...

Hi Lois. Very much enjoying this series of posts as you show me around this floating hotel. Ice cream ... my favourite .. yummy.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Your walks on the ship make your blog readers feel like they are on this cruise as well, Lois, all from the enjoyment of our own homes.

Jenny said...

I thought of you this weekend. Went to a museum in Tampa with the kids and saw Radiance of the Seas docked, changing out passengers. :-)

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning,

Every time I take a walk around the ship I see something different to photograph.

What's so nice, Debbie, is that you can wear just about whatever you wish on a cruise ship. There is always somewhere on board feel comfy if dressed casual or formal. Feel free to stop and take a swim; you can always catch up with us a little later. ;)

I'm sure Radiance was a beautiful sight tied up in Tampa, Jenny. :) I think the designs of Royal Caribbean's ships are some of the most beautiful on the high seas.

Thank you for stopping by, everyone, and for your very kind words.

Very best,