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About the Header Image: Idlebrook Wendy Darling Evensen, our Agility and Dock Diving Sweetheart. Portrait of Wendy by Springfield Photography.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Doggie Family Bed

Good morning,

If you look carefully, you'll see there are three dogs lounging on the same doggie bed in the image above. 

Each of the pups has his/her own bed, but, just like human kids, they all want to be on the same one and love to cuddle up together. 

Penny, however, our senior pup, is stretched out on her own bed.

So sweet!


Thursday, December 5, 2019

Queen City Dog Training Club Christmas Party

Good morning,

We enjoyed our Queen City Dog Training Club Christmas Dinner a few days ago.  Our daughter, Catherine is Treasurer of the club and our friend, Erica, is President.  We always enjoy the annual Christmas Dinner.  No, you don't see dogs in the picture.  This is one event when they stay home.
The buffet dinner was outstanding once again this year.

Oh, look, there's Aunt Carol in line in front of me at the buffet.  ;)
Our club is one of the best in the area for providing classes and shows.
Look who won the table centerpiece!
We all tried very hard, but no one at our table won the raffle.  ;)

We had a fantastic time!

Enjoy the season!


Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Good morning,

Catherine certainly knows how to get our attention in the morning!

Just before she texted the picture above to me we could smell the wonderful aroma of cinnamon rolls coming from the kitchen.

Thank you, Catherine!

Love you,

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Needlework and Wood Working Update - December, 2019

Good morning,

It seems most appropriate to begin this December's Needlework and Wood Working Update with this Santa's Wood Workshop carving.  Kjell made two of these this month.  The first is sold and the second is available in the shop here.  $54.

For those of you who know Kjell, you'll see a remarkable resemblance to our wood working Santa.  ;)
This 2nd Amendment Wall Art is a custom order that has been delivered.  We have another in walnut wood  available in the shop here.  $184.
Kjell made three more of these display stands for wood art for the shop this month.  They are  convenient to use if you prefer to display the art on a table or shelf instead of hanging on a wall.  In addition to selling them with our artwork, they are being purchased individually, also.  They are available here.  $30.
Here's a decorative Gear Clock that we will keep for ourselves.  Kjell has promised to make another for the shop.  It is just so very cool!  A typical item for an engineer to make, right?
Here's another item that we will keep for ourselves to display in our recreation room.  Again, he has promised to make another for the shop.  Beautiful!
This Large Lacy Black Crochet Shawl is new this month and is available in the shop here.  $60.  This is one of those timeless, classic items that is perfect with so many outfits and for so many occasions.
I finished this gorgeous Pink and Green Large Afghan Blanket this month.  It's definitely afghan weather now!  It's available here.  $155.

This Mulberry Cables and Lace Sweater and...
 ...boot cuffs and...
 hat and...
 headband are all part of a custom order that has been delivered.  We have other sweaters, hats, boot cuffs, and headbands available in the shop.

We truly appreciate your encouragement and support of our shop.  Thank you so much!

We were quite busy this month!  When I write this post each month I sometimes surprise myself when I see how many items we have completed since the previous update.  It's fun to be able to look back on these monthly posts over the years, too.

All the very best,


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Monday, December 2, 2019

While Napping in My Recliner....

Elsa:  *eye to eye with me*  Mom, are you awake?

Me:  I am now.

Elsa:  I have to go potty.  Will you open the back door, please?

Me:  Sure.

We have such good pups. 

Sunday, December 1, 2019

That Egg Salad Sandwich Sure Looks Good!

Good morning,

Catherine sat down in the living room with her egg salad sandwich to watch something on TV and had quite an audience.  Those ladies are Penny (closest), Elsa, and Wendy waiting for a crumb to drop.

Of course, they know Catherine will share the last bite with them.