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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cold is Relative in the Caribbean

Good morning,

Out here in the Caribbean cold is relative.  This is the sun deck/jogging track one deck above the pool deck.  The man wearing the dark hooded jacket is an employee, arranging the deck chairs.
Just before I shot these images, the ladies at the bottom right had walked from the upper deck to the lower deck.  Note they are in swim attire.
And, here is another image without zooming my camera from the same spot where I was sitting in the Viking Crown Lounge.  You'll see there are people enjoying the water at the same time the man wearing the hooded jacket is still arranging those deck chairs on the deck above.

The temperature on this day was in the mid 70's F.  Yes, it was a little more windy on the deck above.  Obviously, those in the pool didn't feel it was too cool to swim and the man in the jacket didn't think it was warm enough to take off his jacket. 

Temperature is so relative out here.  Those from cooler climates think this is a beautiful spring day;  those from warmer climates are reaching for their coats. 

I was inside taking pictures.  ;)




Wanda..... said...

Fun representation of differenences, Lois! That's something like my husband and me...in the winter, while I pad around barefoot, he's reaching for a sweater...in the hot humid summer, he's happy and I'm complaining!

Anonymous said...

Does the water in the pools slosh about with the waves? I think it would...debbie

River Glorious said...

Relative? no way! Anything under 78 is cold, Lois. Tsk tsk, you should know better!



Diana said...

So true about the weather with people. 70 degrees right now, would be heaven to me! Along with some sunshine! Love Di ♥

Montanagirl said...

We're used to cold weather here in Montana. So 40 above right about now would be considered a heat wave!

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning,

Ha! I knew this would be fun! Ambar is in Puerto Rico and Montanagirl is obviously in Montana. Cold really is relative, isn't it! :))

Yes, Debbie, if it is really, really choppy, I've seen water in the pools get choppy on smaller ships, but not on this one since we are so huge. If we are going to go through severe weather, the pools are closed and the deck chairs are tied down. That doesn't happen too often, though, because we avoid storms by going else where. That brings up a whole new topic of how people react to that. Some are happy to see something different; some are upset that they didn't get to a port that is having a hurricane - go figure! Safety first.

Thank you so much, everyone, for stopping by.

Very best,

Sherry said...

I laughed at this one! Just the other day, the temperature went above 30 degrees and the sun was shining. . . it felt warm!

Elaine said...

It is all definitely relative. Right now we are getting temps a bit above zero, and we feel like we are doing good for late January. It also makes a difference how much humidity there is. While we were in Seattle with 40 degrees and a very brisk wind we were feeling chilly. We are used to a very dry climate with no wind in the winter, and the moisture in the air really does make a difference.