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Monday, July 1, 2019

One Flower at a Time

Good morning,

Flower afghans are made one flower at a time.  Right now, though, I'm working on two afghans. When not doing necessary household duties, I spend a good part of my day downstairs on the first floor to be near our geriatric dog, Penny, age 14.5 years.  As long as someone is down there near her, she is content to sleep on her bed there instead of trying to climb the steps to the second floor. When downstairs, it is also easier to get her outside when necessary.  Kjell, Catherine, and I take turns being on "Penny duty," to be sure she isn't trying to climb up/go down the stairs alone. 

The rest of my day/evening is upstairs in my creative space in my sitting room.  I have different needlework projects in process in each area.

Above you see the beginning of a custom order afghan of blues and greens. As each flower is finished it goes into the box until there will be 80.  Then I'll add more rounds of blue and green.  Lovely!
And, this is the progress on the upstairs project, the flower garden afghan blanket I showed you while I was arranging the colors a few days ago. 

Both of these afghan projects get too large to carry around so I also have a "carry out" project bag with hats that are small enough to work on in the car, waiting rooms, or on the patio. 

Yes, my hands have to be busy all the time!  It's so much less expensive and has to be more fun than therapy would be.  *chuckles*

What are you working on right now?


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