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Monday, April 15, 2019

Elsa on the Air Mattress

Good morning,

Is that a sweet face or what!

When we brought Elsa home about a month ago, we set up the air mattress in the living room so Catherine could sleep close to the door to let Elsa out at night.  In the image above I've stripped the sheets off of the mattress to wash them.  Elsa finds the air mattress quite comfy!

Elsa is old enough to make it through the night now so we've just put the air mattress away.

In the day time Kjell and I are making sure Elsa gets outside often and has plenty of play time inside and out.  With the beautiful Spring weather, it is so much easier than a month ago when it was still cold and wet outside most of the time.

Elsa is a very good puppy and learns very fast.


1 comment:

Hallebose said...

Such an expressive face.