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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Wednesday Work in Progress

Good morning,

There has been progress on the current Cables and Filigree Lace Sweater.  I'm up to the first sleeve.  As many of you know, I write my own patterns.  For the sleeves I enter the appropriate data for increases and pattern changes in Excel so that I can check them off line by line.  I use safety pins (my friends call them "Lois Pins" and have supplied me with many of them - thank you!) to count rows along the side so I only have to worry about counting the most recently made rows on my excel sheet.printout to know what is next.
An update on last week:  the front is now finished on this sweater and is attached to the back at the shoulders with a three needle bind off. 

This sweater is a custom order so is already sold.  There is another sweater in a different size and similar pattern and color in the shop as I write this.  Click here to see how it looks finished.

After this sweater and coordinating accessories are complete, I'll be making another custom order baubles sweater.

What are you making, baking, growing today?

All the best,

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1 comment:

MarkD60 said...

I'm glad I live where it's warm year round! You talk of making a sweater, really, you're preparing for winter!