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Monday, August 5, 2019

Splitting and Stacking

Good morning,

This is one of several piles of trees in our yard right now.   In this pile are six trees of wood waiting to be split.
I had already sorted through the piles and pulled out the pieces that don't need to be split.  There are three rows deep of these in the picture above.
I moved the larger pieces that will be split to the side as I pulled the smaller pieces and stacked them.  We needed to make a path for the pups to be able to get to the upper level of the yard.
 We moved the patio table and umbrella over to the driveway so the splitting could begin.  Along the fence on the right side of the picture are three large trees cut in fireplace lengths that needed splitting.

By the end of the day My Honey had split them all and I had stacked them on the other side of the property.  Now we have to get to work on the stacks you see at the beginning of this post. 

We will be warm this winter, and next winter, and probably the one after that!



Michelle said...

We are preppping for winter as well. The wood pile is getting big. Nothing like the heat and comfort wood heat provides.

DeniseinVA said...

That is a great looking wood pile.

angela said...

Our winter this year was cold! Very cold! It’s still cold now although the last few days we had sunshine. But today we are back to rain
Hopefully spring will come soon and all us Aussies can complain about the heat