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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Erik Update

Good morning,

Thank you to everyone who has asked about Erik's progress since his orthopedic surgery last month.

Erik is doing well.  We are keeping him on limited activity which isn't easy for an active 8 year old Labrador Retriever.  We have set up a special "hospital room" for him at the end of the living room since he is not supposed to climb steps or jump.  We take him in and out of the house through the doors from the living room to the patio.  He is an agility dog so jumping was part of his "job" until this surgery.

Erik's beautiful black hair is growing back on his tummy, leg, foreleg, and on his back where he had the pain patch after surgery.  

Above you see Erik at my feet on the patio which we were out enjoying the Spring air.  He's wearing an "easy walk" harness which discourages pulling.  He's generally very good when walking on a normal leash, but I can't control the appearance of squirrels or the neighbor's cat while we are outside.  He likes to take off after those.  ;)

We have two more weeks to go until Erik is well.  We are restricting visitors and are keeping him calm while continuing to give him his medication every eight hours.  We hope to have a good report when we take him back to the surgeon for a check of his right rear knee in another two weeks.

Thanks again for all the good wishes for Erik.


1 comment:

River Glorious said...

Poor doggy... I know how hard it is to keep an active dog quiet. Hard for both. Good that you all have the patience to do this. HOpe he mends well.