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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Erik the Patient

Good morning,

Our very special boy, Erik, recently had orthopedic surgery on his knee.  He also had a liver biopsy at the same time. 

Today's images span the first week of Erik's recovery.  As you can see above, he's wearing his "party hat."
We set up Erik's "hospital room" at the end of our living room.  Penny and Wendy stand guard and offer sympathy to Erik.
Penny, our 12 year old Lab, and Erik are very close.  Penny likes to spend as much time with him as she can.  Wendy, our nearly three year old Lab is still a little too "jumpy" so we're keeping her at a distance for awhile.  We don't want Erik to damage the good work the doctor has done.
Erik was on a great deal of medication the first few days so he was quite drowsy.  Above you see Catherine hand feeding him.  They had just been out for a potty break.  Of course, it had to rain for several days during this period.
 Erik tolerates his party hat very well, but is always happy to have it off when he goes outside and when it's dinner time.  He is such a good boy.
 This is the pain patch the doc placed on Erik while he was at the hospital.  We took it off on day four as instructed.
 We have a doggie ramp that can be used for the car or wherever needed.  Here we used it for Erik to get down the two steps from the living room to the patio.  He did a pretty good job, although the first days Catherine carried him outside.

Our boy is so good.  Through all of the pain and medications he never had an "accident" inside.  He is a sweetheart.
 Here's Nurse Penny with Erik again. 
 Look, Erik has a Therapy Person in his hospital room!  Catherine has spent every night with him in the living room.  She set up our air mattress and Erik is so happy to have company. 

We have to keep Erik calm for six weeks before he's cleared to walk steps or jump. 

Stay tuned for Erik's progress. 



Sherry said...

I don't know who I feel sorry for the most, Erik or the rest of you! All of you have really gone above and beyond to care for him.

Deere Driver said...

Six WEEKS! Oh My!
We just puppy sat a guide dog trainee German Shepard for two weeks after surgery, and after the first week she was just done with the calm part. Good luck!