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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Old Neighborhood

Good morning,

Today's images are more from the neighborhood where My Honey grew up on the Island of Husoey in Toensberg, Norway. 
We are driving down the street where he lived.
And into an area where he and his tricycle had a run-in with a truck.
The truck came around this corner...
...here with a larger view including the street at the bottom right.
 My Honey came down this street on his tricycle...
 ...and collided with the truck at the bottom. 

Fortunately, a cab was called (closer/quicker than an ambulance on the island back then) and he was taken to a hospital where they literally reconstructed his foot.  Thank heavens he lived in a time and place where good medical care was available.
 On down the street we found a lovely flower planter.
 What a beautiful neighborhood!
 We walked down by the water...
 ...and got a kick out of this pink boat that My Honey said was not there when he was last here.
 This one probably was here!
 Beautiful flowers in Norway in June.

 This didn't look very safe.  At least he has a roll bar.
 Before you laugh too hard, the translation is "speed bumps." 
 Summer ski exercise!
 More images of the old stomping grounds to come. 



Pamela Gordon said...

This is such a pretty seaside neighbourhood and looks so much like ones along the coast of the Maritime provinces in Canada or in New England. I'm glad your husband had such good care for his broken foot! Have a great day.

TexWisGirl said...

beautiful place to call home. :)