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Friday, October 30, 2015

Norwegian Farm Land

Good morning,

Although the growing season is short compared to the USA, Norway has beautiful farm land, especially in Southern Norway.
We were so fortunate to have gorgeous weather while we were there in June.
We drove around the area where My Honey was born and grew up.
This was a bit unusual to see the horse and rider on the sidewalk, but this is a country road so what is truly unusual is that there is a sidewalk here in the country.
 Just beautiful.


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TexWisGirl said...

nice tractor land and pretty horse (at least its tail is nice!) :) thanks, lois.

Sherrill said...

I'm assuming he speaks the native language? How old was he when he left? We went to Belgium MANY moons ago and I figured we'd rent a car and drive around. My hubby was really mad at me as we couldn't read ANY of the road signs (which makes for a difficult commute). It was really bad in the Netherlands..those words are humongous!!! HAHA But we made it out alive.