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Friday, October 10, 2014

Back on Board! Dreamworks Parade

Good morning,

We are back on board Freedom of the Seas!

What better way to get started on posts from the high seas but images of the Dreamworks Parade.  :)
The parade happens twice each week so everyone has a chance to see and photograph it. 

Characters from Dreamworks movies come to life...
...and turn the Royal Promenade into a magical place.
 The costumes are wonderful and the excitement fills the ship.

 There's a favorite of mine!  I just love Po...
 ...and Gloria, too.  :)
 And, here's the most special couple of the entire parade.
 I can so identify with Gloria.  ;)
 Gloria was kind enough to let us take her picture.  That's me on the left with Gloria and my friends De and Walt. 

Cruising is so much fun!



Rose said...

Lorelei would have a ball there!

MarkD60 said...

That looks like a great parade! I like all those characters. The knight costume is especially cool!

Home on the Range said...

That last picture would be the picture of me if I got to eat the cruise ship food all the time.

How fun!

Sherry said...

LOL! On that last picture, I was thinking, "She looks like Lois!" Imagine that!

River Glorious said...

it DOES look like fun! :) :) :)

Gunn said...

Looks FUN!

Enjoy the holiday!