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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Bread Flour

 Good morning,

I just made two loaves of bread again, as I do every two or three days.

Something came to mind about the flour.  There are some people who swear it's necessary to use a certain type of bread flour to make really good bread.  Do you have strong feelings about this?

My experience is that a good brand of flour is all that is necessary, Gold Medal is one,  I find it most important to use unbleached flour.  My reason is that I don't want the chemicals used to bleach flour to end up in my bread.

The house always smells so wonderful on bread days!




Ruth said...

I generally use 3 flours, and make one 1.5lb loaf. 1 cup all-purpose, 1 cup bread, and 1 cup Einkorn. The Einkorn is a very ancient wheat grain, and adds a lovely taste and texture to the bread.
I buy whatever Einkorn I can find, mostly at Whole Foods, so ridiculously pricey, and that's why I don't make bread using just Einkorn.
For all-purpose flour, I use either Hecker's or King Arthur.
For the bread flour, I use King Arthur.

When I first began making bread, over 50 years ago, I used Gold Medal or Pillsbury and they worked just fine. I've made bread using only all-purpose, and it's very good. I just like bread flour worked into the dough better. But that, too is expensive, so only use 1 cup.

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Ruth,
Thank you so very much for the excellent information!