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Friday, September 25, 2015

Going Ashore in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Good morning,

Here are a few more images of Montego Bay, Jamaica. 
There aren't many things to do right at the port so the best way to see Jamaica from this port is to take a tour.  The tour buses were all lined up and waiting for the guests.
There is a small "village" of shops on the dockside where you can get local souvenirs.

 Local musicians provide the music (and have a hat out for tips)) for guests as they go ashore.
 I moved across deck 12 and took pictures from various angles.  It appears there is enough merchandise for sale for each guests to take home a suit case full of souvenirs. ;)

 There is also a commercial side to this port.

 It appears there are a few customers.



TexWisGirl said...

been a few years since i've been in jamaica. those tour buses on those windy roads can get your adrenaline going!

Home on the Range said...

I flew a corporate owned aircraft for a few years and my boss had a 115 foot Broward yacht so we went to a lot of places down in the southern oceans but Jamaica was one place I didn't get to see. Thanks for sharing your wonderful travels.