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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shopping on the Dockside - St. Maarten, Dutch West Indies

Good morning,

I left the Freedom of the Seas in St. Maarten, Dutch West Indies, to take a look around the dockside shopping area.  All the same stores that are "downtown" across the bay are now available at the port so shoppers don't have to go far to spend their money.  ;)
Here's a look back at the ship as I walked toward the shopping area.
 And, at the end of the pier is a shopping mall with all the usual port of call items for sale.
 This is a relatively new shopping area.
 And, although new, all of the classic small, independently owned shops are also here.
 There's even a place to get a sample of the local flavors.  ;)
 The main shopping area...
 ...has all the same stores that are found in most Caribbean ports. 
 These are more shops leased by the locals.
 Here you can find everything from diamonds to t-shirts, to cameras, to...
 ...table cloths.  This is a fun shop to visit.  There are some very lovely items available here.
 And then back to the ship. Is this couple darling or what?
 I didn't buy anything, but I did collect some of my favorite souvenirs, these images. 

I hope you enjoyed our shopping trip.




Diana said...

Well I think that you should pick up a little souvenir for each of your followers! What do you think?
I absolutely love seeing all of that sunshine in your photos Lois! I can almost feel the warmth when I see it.
Love Di ♥

grammie g said...

Hi Lois.. thanks for the shopping trip...and I wasn't able to buy anything ,and that's the best part!! lol
Looks like blue skies.."Happy seas"

Karen said...

I am so jealous...it looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

The last ship I was on, in 1953, was a troop ship and when we went under the Golden Gate Bridge the guys on board began to fill up the 55 gallon drums chained on each landing for seasick people to puke in. I couldn't eat for three days. Finally after three days of puking I was able to get down and keep down some saltine crackers. After that I would have sworn, under oath, that I had sea legs. Never puked again.

FAB said...

Hi Lois. I'll admit that shopping is not really my bag but I did enjoy the stroll in the SUNSHINE.

Sherry said...

Can you imagine what the economy of these islands would be without the cruise ship business!

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning,

Abe, there's some movement in these large ships, but nothing like military troop ships. I grew up on the Ohio River so had my sea legs at an early age; My Honey has been at sea for 45 years. We don't even feel the movement in the ship until we see the leaves of the plants moving in our suite.

I'm with you, Frank and Grammie, not much shopping here. It was the walk in the sunshine and the capturing of the images that I wanted to do (and did!) that morning. ;)

Thank you so much for stopping by, everyone, and for your kind words.

Very best,

Olive Knitting said...

a shop that only sells tableclothes. that's terrific.