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Monday, December 12, 2011

Needlework Update

Good morning,

It's time for another needlework update.  :) 

I've been busy since we have been home from the high seas.  The sweater above was a special order in a larger size than the similar one in child size 4 in my Etsy shop.  The one above went to Switzerland.  This is so cute that I will probably make more similar ones for the shop for Valentine's Day.  I also have some ideas for Spring sweaters that I can't wait to make.
This green shawl is another special order that has gone to a very nice lady in Florida.  I will see her wearing it on board Freedom of the Seas in January. 
I had so much fun making the green shawl that I made another in gold.  This one is in my shop as I write this.  :)
And, currently on the needles is a sweater similar to this one, only the one I am making now is in guy colors, to go to a very, very nice person in London for a Valentine's Day present.

So, I've been busy again!  I love it!!!!!

I still have plenty to do for Christmas here, too.  Have you finished making all of your holiday presents or do you have some late ones to finish? 

All the best,


Sherry said...

After watching all you do with knitting needles and crochet hooks, it kinda puts me in the mindset to dig out my needles and start up again. It's been decades since I did any of this. I have an "old, old" afghan project using left over yarn that I started when my boys were toddlers. It's buried in a cedar chest in the basement. . . still has the crochet hook in the last stitch!!! I've made cable stitch sweaters, tons of afghans and baby blankets over the years. Then "life" got in the way.

fabriquefantastique said...

wreath on the door, lights up, cakes made, now for some shopping.
interesting retro sweaters, you must feel very satisfied.

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning!

I know what you mean, Sherry. I have always had a project or an idea to "go back to." :)

Jan, my sweaters have a very modern inspiration. The Cat in the Hat wore a similar sweater in his recent movie. I designed updated sweaters for the kids and now they have caught on with kids and adults. They are a great deal of fun!

Thanks to you both for stopping by and for your kind comments.


TexWisGirl said...

you really are gifted!

Nedra said...

You have such talent. One day I hope to be able to spend the time and learn to knit. I especially like your sweater designs.

Lois said...

They are so beautiful Lois!

Marit Johanne said...

You have made so many nice new items! I loved that first sweater, very cute! I am still knitting on a Christmas gift project. Today I have sent 4 pairs of mittens in the mail. It is very nice to give away knitted gifts.

VP said...

I have to show these pictures to some colleagues of mine: they would be very interested!

Anonymous said...

Love the little girl sweater!! Madison would love it, the colors are perfect for her! Very nice!! and so are the scarfs. You do nice work Lois!! wow! I think I am just about done with my shopping. yea! Merrry Christmas!! ...debbie

Montanagirl said...

Wow. Your talents never cease to amaze me!

Elaine said...

Lovely! You are keeping very busy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lois'
You have been a busy lady and clever also.
Enjoy Christmas I hope you are surrounded by all of your children and Grandchildren.

Olive Knitting said...

that little sweater is so cute. It's motivating me to go back to knitting for kids. the shawls are beautiful too.