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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Decorating the Tree

Good morning,

These images are from the special evening when we put up the Christmas tree.  Erik needed a little discussion with his Mom that he was not to get into all of the boxes of decorations we were pulling out.
OK - he understands.  A little kiss and all is well.
We have plenty of boxes of Christmas decorations!  That's a picture of Erik when he was a puppy on his stocking. 
Catherine had made a pot roast...
 ...with plenty of extra veggies.  Yum!  What a perfect comfort food meal that cooked itself while we were busy with other things.
 Earlier in the afternoon we had purchased the tree at Uncle Bill's Garden Center after she and I had spent the afternoon Christmas shopping.  The tree actually fit inside Catherine's Escape.
 And, supervising from the corner is My Honey with Penny (a boy and his dog) and his Blackberry Play Book.
 Gotta test all of these lights before putting them on the tree.
 And, here we are.  All the lights are on the tree and working.  We still have to unwrap all of the ornaments and get them on the tree.  When all of that is finished, I'll have more pictures.  :)  We better hurry!  We're running out of time.  The whole gang will be here on Christmas Eve.

Happy decorating!

Very best,


Bob Bushell said...

The dogs have got it right, flopping about, ah, that's the way it goes. Nice xmas tree.

EG Wow said...

It looks very pretty with the lights on!

Peter said...

Looks exciting, have a happy Christmas with your family.

Marit Johanne said...

Nice tree! I will wish you a Merry Christmas! We are going to decorate our tree now. God jul og klem fra Marit Johanne :)