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Monday, December 19, 2011

Civil War Museum - Bardstown, Kentucky - Part 2 of 2

Good morning,

Today's images are the second and last installment from our tour of the Civil War Museum in Bardstown, Kentucky.

I was struck by the image of the Union Officer above who looks exactly like a client of mine when I had my CPA practice.  OK, I hear the jokes out there.  The answer is no, I didn't have my practice back as far as the Civil War.  ;)
Personal items were moved from place to place in wood chests.  I got a kick out of how much it is like the sea chests we use today.
This is an officer's portable office.

There are many stories about those who fought in the Civil War from both the North and the South.
And, so many of their personal items are also on display. 
 There is an entire section devoted to the US Navy during the Civil War.

 The uniforms are fascinating.  We didn't recognize many of them.

 Do you recognize this uniform as a Civil War uniform of a US citizen?  There is so much to learn here!

 There are so many artifacts here. 

 It would take days to even start to learn about all of these people and their stories.

If these things interest you, we highly recommend you stop at the Civil War Museum in Bardstown, Kentucky.

All the best,


Judy said...

Wow, my husband would love to visit that museum, in fact I would too. We both love history so much.

Michele said...

How interesting! There is so much history out there! Thanks for sharing Lois :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a lot of interesting history there. Funny,I don't think of Ky as having a lot of Civil War History. Goes to show you how much I know!! That poor horse!! He looks deformed and in bad shape. The stuffer didn't do such a hot job. Really enjoyed our history tour!! Merry Christmas!! ...debbie

Life 101 said...

I bought some books about the Civil War written by scholar Shelby Foote.
He is a remarkable writer, and the story of that war and the losses both sides suffered is heartbreaking.
You've done a great job documenting the museum visit.

grammie g said...

Hi Lois...you all sure do visit some interesting places ...great display preservation of Civil War items...thanks for the visit!!


Karen said...

Thanks for the great tour Lois.

TexWisGirl said...

giggled at your clarification of the timing of your practice. :)

lots of cool artifacts there.

VP said...

I have read many books about this part of your history and, for an Italian, I consider myself quite Civil War buff. You can easily imagine how much I can appreciate this post and your pictures of this museum!

Karen said...

I enjoyed the pics from Bardstown. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Gary said...

Really interesting museum!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilin River, Canada.

angela said...

thank you for sharing, the only thing I know about the american civil was has come from the television. I too love history and would one day love to come over and learn all I can first hand. Im the mean time your cyber tours are wonderful

EG Wow said...

This museum was surely worth visiting. It has a ton of artifacts!

Montanagirl said...

I think my husband would really enjoy that museum too. What a treasure trove it contains.

NixBlog said...

What a fascinating collection of artefacts they have exhibited there! I'm glad I'm not the only one that goes crazy photographing exhibits in museums like that! Great photos!

Rose said...

Great stuff here...maybe one of these days we will get to visit down that way.