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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Inside Out

Good morning,

We have had more snow.  This beautiful scene greeted me when I opened the drapes in the dining room.
And, this is the scene from the front door.
Of course, I had to go outside and take more pictures.
The snow is pretty deep this time.
 The lights along our walkway give a good indication of the depth of this snowfall.  Those are my foot prints in the snow where I added bread to the bird feeder.  I make all natural bread, no preservatives, so the birds get when is not eaten within a day.
 Sparkles on the snow.  So pretty!
 It is still fairly early in the season for this so there are still leaves on the bushes.

Such a pretty morning!



Montanagirl said...

Lovely winter scenes, Lois! We have plenty of snow here as well.

Birdman said...

Our first significant snowfall headed here tonight 8-14 inches. I'll have a scene like this in AM, I bet.

TexWisGirl said...

looks like a good, fluffy coat!

Bob Bushell said...

You're a star, when you are snow ridden. Good luck with snow Lois.

Mersad said...

The sparkles in the snow really do look beautiful!

Mersad Donko Photography

Michele said...


Art @ Home said...

Your home is stunning in the snow. I love these photos. Thanks for sharing them with us!

angela said...

So very pretty, living in the southern hemisphere I'd love to have a white Christmas just once. But even in the middle of winter we just don't get snow. Our weather right now is very warm and is expected to get hotter in the next few day

Marit Johanne said...

Beautiful snow pictures! The snow we got last Sunday only stayed for three days. If your snow stays you will get a beautiful white Christmas. Have a nice advent Sunday!

Jack said...

Yes, Lois, I like seeing the snow in your yard. Snow scenes are great, so long as it is not in MY yard. That is why I live in Florida in the winter.