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Friday, May 1, 2020

Way Too Much Help This Morning

Good morning,

This is my (too much) helper this morning.  Our sweet Elsa comes and just patiently rests her chin on my knee when I am working at my computer.  I'm trying to get a label printed to send yarn color samples out today.  I also still have to wrap another order to ship.  That will require me to stand up so that chin will have to move.

I'll stop and love Elsa more (she has already had the early morning cuddles in bed) before I go on to my other duties. 

We have a real winner here.  Elsa is just the very best we could want in a puppy.  She has stolen all our hearts. 

Of course, we love Penny, Erik, and Wendy just as much, but they are in other categories of being the best:  Penny is best Senior and Queen, Erik is best Chief Security Officer, Wendy is the very best Squirrel Watcher and Reporter. 

Happy Friday!



Tanya said...

She very clearly is saying that she wants love.

Lois Evensen said...

Tanya, you are so right. She is a cuddly, lovey dog and has been from the beginning. She doesn't realize she is all grown up now and still loves to be a lap dog. She sleeps with us all night and leans against my body so I have to "rearrange" her when I want to turn over. On the other hand, when there is fun to be had running in the back yard or going in the car with Catherine, she is the first to be ready to go. She is fearless and more than willing to tell critters or humans that they shouldn't get too close to our yard, yet will withdraw as soon as we tell her "Thank you, that's ok, leave it." She was doing well at the dog club in agility training which is on hold now because of the Covid-19 stay-in-place orders. As soon as they can, they'll be training again. She is a wonderful pup.