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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Antler for the Pups

Good morning,

Catherine brought this antler home from the office this week.  A client of hers owns property in the country where he regularly finds deer antlers that have been shed naturally.  It appears this one may have been cracked when it was run over by a tractor.

We can saw these into chew sticks of an appropriate length and round the edges for the pups.  They will have hours of chewing fun with them.

If you purchase these already cut and prepared at the pet stores, they are quite expensive. 




Beatrice P. Boyd said...

This certainly was a lucky bonus for the dogs, Lois. Belated Mother's Day wishes to you and the roses you received from Kjell (with Catherine's help)were beautiful. Your bread making looks wonderful and I've been doing some as well, and pizza too! Glad to read that you are all keeping safe and well and glad you are no longer on a cruise ship, which were better days. Thanks for the visit and comment on tpday's post, much appreciated.

Tanya said...

I can imagine that antlers would be expensive. Where I live that would be displayed on a table as an artifact! Lucky doggies!