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Monday, May 18, 2020

May 17 Celebration Brunch

Good morning,

As promised yesterday, here are images of the fabulous brunch prepared by our daughter, Catherine, in celebration of Norway's Constitution Day.  The most important traditional part of the meal, of course, is waffle cakes.  
The table was appropriately set and we were ready to dig in.
Of course, Dad is the master of building the perfect plate of food.  His started with a bed of waffle cakes and all the other goodies were stacked on top.
This is Goetta, a local treat that has been made in the Greater Cincinnati area for generations.  It is a sausage filled with grain and spices.  It is absolutely delicious.
 Ooooh, fresh strawberries!
 Banana Bread!
 After I had finished my eggs and goetta, I built my dessert:  waffle cake, strawberries, and whipped cream.

Oh, my this was terrific!

Happy Constitution Day, Norway, and Thank You, Catherine, for a wonderful celebration of foods!  Dad and I so appreciate the fabulous meal you prepared for all of us.

Love you,

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gigi-hawaii said...

This looks absolutely divine. Love the looks of those heart shaped waffles.

Tanya said...

Looks good! I used to have a heart waffle maker when my kids were little. I wonder where it went. Ah well, if it were still here we'd just be eating too many waffles!