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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

It's Party Time for the Sour Dough Yeastie Beasties!

Good morning,

Start the music!  It's party time for the Sour Dough Yeastie Beasties!
This is my current jar of sour dough that I just fed and am watching the yeastie beastie party in the jar.  When fed they get all excited, bubble, and dance around.  It smells wonderful.

If you're interested, my full recipe and directions for making sourdough is here:

I have more than 80 posts about bread making and recipes on this blog.  They are sorted for you here if you would like to see them.  Be sure to click "next posts" at the bottom of each page to see them all.

Here a couple of tease pictures from my many bread recipes:  ;)



1 comment:

Mersad said...

Your breads turned out amazing. I have never tried sour dough, but you can make really great breads with it and don't need yeast, which is really great in times like these. It's good to know.

Mersad Donko Photography