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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Filetto di manzo at Bice Bistro - Coconut Grove

Good morning,

I almost didn't get this picture.  I had the first bite on my fork when My Honey asked, "Did you take a picture of it?"

This is Filetto di manzo at Bice Bistro in Coconut Grove.  We also had minestrone soup and linguini fruitti di mare.

The food was excellent, but the service was greatly lacking.  Even with the not-so-great service, I would recommend this restaurant for the wonderful food.



Update:  A couple of days later we returned to Bice Bistro for a filet mignon dinner that was marvelous.  The service was very polite and nice, but timing of courses wasn't good.  One of my real pet peeves when buying even somewhat expensive meals is the waiter taking my salad fork covered with salad dressing off of my plate and placing it on a table (no table cloth) so that I can use the same now-dirty fork with the next course.   For the prices they charged, they could bring clean flatware with each course.

1 comment:

Elaine said...

It'd be nice if they could get the good service part going along with the good food. It's almost like they're doing you a favor bringing you your food. A little hard to give a good tip when the waiter is not putting any effort into his job.