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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ginger's Easter Dress - Knit and Crochet for 18" Doll

Good morning,

Ginger is so happy I have finished her Easter dress.  The dress has an eyelet flare bottom and other special touches that Ginger loves.

The body of the dress is knit;  the back button placket is crochet to produce a more substantial fabric for the buttons and button holes.

The flower pot pocket and flower design are also crocheted, then sewn in place.

Directions are below if you would like to make this dress for your 18" doll.  ;)

I'm now working on Ginger's Easter bonnet.  Hopefully, I'll have it finished, photographed, and the pattern written for tomorrow's post.  

Very best,

Spring Dress for 18" Doll - Knit


Size 5 circular 24" needles, Size 5 double pointed needles

Size G crochet hook.

Sport weight, size 3 yarn - about 50 gr.

4 1/2" buttons for back closing, matching thread and sewing needle. 1 1/2" button for center of flower on front of dress.

A small amount of green, brown, and white yarn for flowerpot, vine, and flower. A few tiny pink beads.  Matching sewing thread to sew to dress.

Cast on 96 st.

Start at hem and work up

Knit 2 rounds

Next round: *ssk. yo. repeat from *

Knit one round

Next round: *k1, slip 1 as if to k. Repeat from *.

Knit 1 round.

Next round: *k2, p2. Repeat from *.

Knit 1 row.

Decrease for ruffle: *k2, ssk. Repeat from * (72 st)

Knit until piece measures 5" from beginning.

Divide for back placket:

Knit to marker, turn, purl to end, turn.

Now working back and forth, work in st. st. for 1". End with ws row.

Decrease for waist:

Evenly decrease 8 st spaced evenly across row. (64 st.)

Work 6 rows even in st. st.

Divide for underarms: (front 26, back 13 x 2, each underarm 6 x 2 = 64 stitches total )

Left back:

k13, turn leaving rest of stitches unworked. Using a spare needle, work 10 rows of st st. Place st on st holder.

Left underarm and front:

Using spare needles, join yarn in next st on main needle, bind off 6 st for underarm. Work 10 rows of st st on next 26 st. Place st on st holder

Right underarm and back:

Join yarn on base row to left of front, bind off 6 st for underarm. Work 10 rows of st. st for right back, place st. on st. holder.

Shoulder bands:

Right side facing, join yarn at back opening on left side, knit across left back, cast on 10 st for shoulder, work 26 across front, cast on 10 st for shoulder, work 13 st across back.

Work 5 more rows in st. st.

Decrease for neckline:

Row 1: k1, *k2 tog. Repeat from * to last st. k1.

Row 2: purl

Row 3: k1, *k2 tog, k1. Repeat from *.

Row 4: purl

Row 5: knit

Row 6: purl

Bind off neckline. Do not break off last loop on needle.

Button placket:

Remove knitting needle and place last loop on size G crochet hook to make placket.

Working in sides of knitting sc down left back spacing stitches to keep work flat. sc evenly up right back,

Button holes:

ch 1, turn, now working right side only, sc 1 at top of back, ch 1, skip 1, (button hole made) sc in next st. Continue sc and making a total of 3 button holes space evenly between neckline and waist. Just below waist, ss in next st, turn (do not chain 1) and ss in each sc and in each ch 1 space back up button hole row to top to finish. Break off and weave in ends. Sew buttons under button holes.


With dp knitting needles and beginning at center of bottom of armhole, pick up and knit 28 st. place marker and work 18 rows in st st. bind off. weave in ends.

Bind off.

Flower pot:

Beginning chain and row 1 (rs): With brown and crochet hook, chain 5, sc in second ch from hook and each ch acorss (4 sc).

Row 2: sc, 2 sc, 2 sc, sc

Row 3: sc across

Row 4: sc to center two st, 2 sc in ea of center 2 st, sc to end of row.

Row 5 to 7: sc

break off, weave in ends.


With green, ch 7, sc in *2nd ch from hook and in next 2 ch, ch 6. Repeat from * twice.


With white, ch 3, join to first ch and work in round.

In center work (sc, ch 2) five times, join with ss, weave ends to back.

Assembly of flower pocket, stem, and flower:

Arrange pieces as shown in image and pin in place.

When pinning the vine in place, flip the center "leaf" to the wrong side as shown.

Stitch vine/leaves in place with green sewing thread.

With flower pot in place covering bottom of vine and stitch on sides and bottom of pot.

Stitch flower in place at top of vine with matching sewing thread. Stitch seed beads in place.



Wanda..... said...

Sweet dress, Lois...Ginger looks comfortable as well as very pretty...I will take one in petite small, please!

Montanagirl said...

Very cute. Such talent!

Anonymous said...

How darling Lois!! love the cute little flower. It does look comfy. Are you going to make a little hat too? ...debbie

grammie g said...

Hi Lois ...Ginger all ready has here Easter dress???
At this rate she will have here Christmas outfit in July!! : }}
It is so cute, love the little flower pot on the front!!
I used to love to make doll clothes for my girls, and my grandaughter!!

Marit Johanne said...

Such a nice dress, and the flower on was very cute!

Kelly said...

ahhh...so cute. You're so creative to come up with these outfits!!

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning,

Thanks for all your kind words. For some reason, I have been on a roll with clothes for Ginger. While making one outfit, the ideas for the next are formulating so I have a few more items coming.

We'll be going home where it is cold soon so Ginger needs some winter clothes for the next few weeks until we finally see Spring.

Thank you for stopping by.

Very best,