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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Come Walk With Me - February, 2011

Good morning,

We will soon leave Freedom of the Seas and travel back to the snow and cold of Ohio.  Here are are a few images to wrap up our very enjoyable time at sea.

The image above is part of the stairway art that I haven't yet shared here.  I went back to take this image especially for my blog friends who love birds. 
Here is another piece of art I hadn't yet photographed.  This is a large wall mosaic in the Solarium on Deck 11.
This is the Schooner Bar on deck 4.  Those are ships in bottles in the shadow boxes on the wall.
And, just a few steps away in the other direction the sun was shining down from the deck 12 skylights to deck 4.
I saw the Chief Engineer and his Engine Department posing for a picture so I took a picture, too.  ;)
 Up to deck 5, I walked past the Florist Cart in the Royal Promenade.  The flowers on board are always so beautiful!
Another trip to the top deck, there is the trusty ice cream machine where guests can make their own ice cream cones.
 I couldn't pass that up a couple of days ago when I took pictures of that crew life boat drill.  I almost forgot to get a picture of the cone, didn't I!
 Out on the water a sailboat from Norway was anchored next to one from the United States.
 Behind me darling little ones were enjoying the winter sun in the Caribbean.
 Port days are always good days to go to the pool.  You'll have plenty of space and the pool almost to yourself.
 It was soon time to pack and say goodbye to Freedom of the Seas for a few weeks.
 Oh, yes, we will be back.
 As I walked down a forward stairway I took this image of artwork appropriately hung by the pool deck.
 And, here is something people often ask about.  During the cruise I saw two assist dogs.  One was a Yellow Lab, the other a Black Lab.  Since we have one of each at home (ours are agility dogs) I was so delighted to see them.  I saw them in elevators, both times when I had my hands full of plates of food (gotta have snackies!)  from the Windjammer that I was bringing back to our stateroom.

I looked for the dogs throughout the rest of that week hoping to ask to take an image or two, but never saw them again.  The above image answers the commonly asked question, though.  This is the potty stop box of grass placed far aft on an outside deck.  It is so wonderful that assist dogs are accommodated on board.

 So, that's my February, 2011, wrap up walk.  I hope you've enjoyed walking with me once again.

Tomorrow I will pack up the last few things including my knit and crochet projects.  The day after tomorrow we will be on the road home.

Very best,



Anonymous said...

Enjoyed our walk today. I am just amazed at the beauty on board the ships. They are so fancy. And I loved the little footprint of ground for the pups!! How thoughtful!! Never gave it a thought. Never imagined dogs on the shop I guess....debbie

Montanagirl said...

Those ships are so amazing. So accommodating and beautiful for its passengers - even the doggies!

Nedra said...

Have a safe trip home. Thanks for the tour pics.

HMSDOS said...

Enjoyed the "walk"... have a wonderful vacation... see you... later :-)

HMSDOS said...

Hey... enjoyed the "walk".... have a wonderful vacation... see you... sooon :-)

Diana said...

Oh I loved this walk Lois! The artwork and an ice cream cone machine! Amazing.
But whats really amazing is the porta-potties for the dogs! Very cool!
Wishing you a good welcome home!
Love Di ♥

Quay Po Cooks said...

Wow, looks like you have a great vacation. Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos.

Lois Evensen said...

Hi everyone,

Yes, it will be good to get home and see everyone there. We'll have some great images from our stops along the way first, though. We're going through the Great Smoky Mountains on the way home.

Nice to see you, Doris. I guess you are "between" cruises. ;) See you in May on board Freedom!

Welcome Quay Po Cooks. I took a look at your blog, too, and it is terrific.

Regarding the assist dogs, I am hoping to get pictures of one or more of them one of these years. It is so cool to see them on board. I remember the first time I saw one on the Viking Serenade out of Los Angeles.

Thanks so much, everyone, for stopping by and your kind words.

Very best,

Elaine said...

Enjoyable walk and more beautiful artwork. There is just so much to see on a ship that size that you probably won't run out of subjects anytime soon.