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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Red, White, and Blue Dessert - Recipe

 Good morning,

Here is a masterpiece dessert made by the grand kids.  I put them to work making their own dessert over the Fourth of July weekend and look how very good they are at it!

All you need in addition to the kids to make this is:

2 packages of red jello

1 package of blue jello

1 container vanilla yogurt

1 can whipped cream

1 jar cherries

parfait glasses and long spoons

Prepare the three packages of jello separately and place in containers to harden in fridge.
When it's time to prepare, place all items on table, give each participant a parfait glass and long spoon, then watch the action.
Alex is a Jello purist.  He just stayed with the wiggly stuff.
He and oldest sister Anna are layering red and blue Jello.
Then Anna moves on to the vanilla yogurt.
This takes serious concentration...
...and discussion about technique.
Here's the blue.  More red, please.
Oooh, this is fun!
Just a little more to make this perfect.
Meanwhile on the other side of the table older sister Kate is up to her blue layer.
Then, the whipped cream.  Yum!
How many cherries will fit on here?
Must be three.  Perfect!
 Alex has finished his dessert and it's time to start eating.
Wow, that top layer went down fast!
And, this last image tells it all.  There's always room for Jello. 

No, I'm not a paid sponsor of Jello, but these kids should be!

Don't worry about my tablecloth.  Tide and Downy to the rescue.  They never fail me.

I hope your summer is as much fun as ours.

Very best,



Happy Days said...

What a grand idea!!! Cute post! I'll have to do that with the girls, they'd love it!! Thanks for sharing this cute activity! and yummy dessert! ...debbie

Wanda said...

We do this too Lois...it must be an Ohio thing! :)

Your g/children are very cute and actually pretty neat with making the 'parfaits', it could have been a lot worse!

I use Tide and Downey too, nothing better!

Cheryl said...

Oh what fun you all must have had! Great idea indeed.

Claudia said...

Lois, I can't believe you have grand-children this age - they are so cute - and the dessert looks fantastic!

Diana said...

O.K., all I need now is for you to send those cute grandkids over here to make the dessert for me!!!
It sounds so good and if I weren't so lazy right now I would go to the store for the ingredients and make it myself! Love Di ♥

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Such a cute idea and so simple too !

karen said...

great images Lois, true happy family pictures. Happy belated 4th July!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Blue jello - who knew? Obviously, you did, Lois. This is a better idea than ice cream (do they made a blueberry flavor?) and one I'll remember for our grandson. Thanks!

Erin Wallace said...

If it weren't 200 degrees outside I'd ask you to send me one of these, but it would just melt en route, which means I'll have to make some myself!

xo Erin

Elaine said...

Fun post, Lois! Your grandkids look like they had such a great time making dessert. What a perfect activity for them, and you captured some lovely memories for them with your camera.

Sherry said...

Loved this post! The expressions on Alex's face are priceless!

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning,

Yes, this was lots of fun. We have done it before and have done it with other colors for other occasions. Anything with Jello is a favorite for Alex. It is my secret weapon when I need him to sit quietly for a few minutes. ;) Those are the same parfait glasses I used when the kids' father made the same desserts more years ago than I want to admit.

Diana, I told the kids a friend of mine wanted me to send them over to make the dessert. Katie said, "Ok, let's go!" She is so helpful. :))

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by.

Very best,