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Friday, July 2, 2010

Cruising Down the River - Part 2 of 3

Good morning,

This is a continuation of our dinner cruise on the Ohio River aboard the Belle of CincinnatiPart 1 was published yesterday.

That gentleman in the image above is the Second Engineer.  We found him in the bar on deck 2, picking up a bottle of water. 
We found the Chief Enginner (left) chatting with the DJ by the dance floor.  Life is very relaxed on the river.

We had turned around and were now heading down stream, back toward Cincinnati.
Back outside on deck the sun was setting beyond the hills of the Cincinnati shoreline as a coal barge moved up river on our port side.
The barge was being pushed by the powerful Mary Ellen Jones.
Looking straight down from deck 2, we could see the work boat secured on the bow.  In the upper left corner of this image is the Belle of Cincinnati's small anchor.
We were passed by a classic old cabin cruiser...
...as we approached the I-471 bridge, affectionately known as the Big Mac bridge for obvious reasons.
We passed Eat at Joe's restaurant and condo buildings.
A look at the hearts and spades in the design of the rail of this riverboat reveals the purpose for which it was built:  a gambling boat.  Gambling is not legal on this part of the river, so it is used for dinner cruises.  That's just fine with us.  :)
We are approaching another bridge...
...as the sun sets on Hooters, The Beer Sellar, and Newport on the Levee.
The Newport on the Levee is an entertainment center of a theater, restaurants, and...
...the Newport Aquarium.  Awhile ago, I published pictures of downtown Cincinnati taken from the plaza to the left in the above image.
Included in the Newport on the Levee entertainment center is a huge Barnes and Noble and a restaurant we enjoy, Mitchell's Fish Market.

Tomorrow I'll publish the final group of pictures taken from the deck of the Belle of Cincinnati.  Those images are the beautiful sights of the sun setting beyond the Cincinnati skyline.  I hope you'll stop back to take a look.

Very best,



Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Cruisin' down the river - part 2 was a good way to start the morning, Lois. I'm enjoying the scenery too.

Anonymous said...

Rollin', Rollin', doot doot,doot, Rollin' down the Riiiiveeerrr!! Doot doot doot!! Song just came to mind, had to hum it a little bit to get the FEEL of my trip, rollin' down the Riva'! Enjoyed my trip past Newport, my friends hubby had a bar in Newport, then on to the Macky D Bridge - nice trip! Be looking forward, doot doot to our photos tomorrow on board!! doot doot! ...debbie

Claudia said...

This looks lovely - I also enjoy boat rides and everything with water and sunset...

Marit Johanne said...

Looks like a wonderful dinner cruise, and the boat is lovely!

Lois Evensen said...

Debbie, you are a trip! ;) That melody has been in my head since you made your comment.

Yes, the trip was lovely. Very relaxing and a chance to get some pictures of pretty scenery. The afternoon/evening was somewhat hazy this time, but we still got some good shots.

Thank you, everyone, for stopping by.

Very best,