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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

An Extra Head and Too Many Legs

Good morning,

It has been fun around here.  I looked out the back door and saw our Penny and Erik side by side on the back porch.   It's very warm outside right now, yet they are constantly together, very close together.

It's a good thing they are different colors or we would think they are just one large dog with and extra head and lots of extra legs.  Perhaps they are telling secrets?
Or, is Erik just kissing Penny's ear?
No, I think they are just patiently waiting.  I'm convinced they understand what we say.  I'm sure they overheard her when Catherine told me that she called the meat store and ordered another 100 pounds of chicken necks that are an important part of their diet. 
You see, we get them in bulk and freeze them in plastic containers so Penny and Erik can have one or two every day in addition to their other food that Catherine prepares for them.
It's a good thing we have a huge freezer in the basement for these.
 I think Penny and Erik are lucky to have Catherine to be sure they get all this yummy food, don't you?




Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Good Morning Lois, Erik and Penny are indeed lucky to have such caring human owners. Hope they are also keeping cool - those ice cubes might help. We're in the midst of a continuing heat wave on the VA eastern shore with 90+ daily temps and heat indices over 100. Hope you are all keeping cool in OH.

Diana said...

Yes she is very committed to their diet! I love when dogs huddle together like that. It's so sweet!
Love Di ♥

Elaine said...

They are a couple of lucky dogs. Looks like they are the best of friends too.

Cheryl said...

Yes indeed, Penny and Erik are very fortunate! Cute photos of the two together.

Martys Fiber Musings said...

Yum! Yum!

River Glorious said...

Jeff is the only doggy here, because Missy is a cat, and doesn't count. ;)

Nice that the dogs have a good diet and get along so well. I see programs of dogs being so aggressive toward each other.

Olive Knitting said...

Oh man...I'm not even going to tell Ruffino and Q what you guys feed your dogs. They would for sure emigate to OH.

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning,

Lynn, I'll be sure to send Penny and Erik an email to tell them to guard those chicken necks carefully now that some guys in Italy know where to find them. ;)

Beatrice and everyone, I'm not in Ohio right now, but I do get updates on the weather daily from Catherine and son Don. I am traveling again where I have a satellite connection I can only use for a short time before most of your sites time out before they will load.

I'll be back to normal on Sunday when I can get into everyone's site again via my Verizon air card, including my OWN! I am glad I have uploaded most of my images in advance. I have some great ones of the kids coming soon, then some from a huge new ship and some gorgeous ports.

Thank you, everyone, for stopping by.

Very best,

Wanda..... said...

Lucky dogs and lucky you that you have a daughter to care for them,while you are away!

I missed your cute dog photos yesterday, Lois!

BPOTW said...

Wow! I think they understand us, too, and they look like they are well loved!

BPOTW said...

Wow! I think they understand us, too, and they look like they are well loved!

Anonymous said...

I love those dogs.

By the way, Chicken Necks are one of my favorites. Mom or mother used to make sure I got the necks, hearts, livers, gizzards and she made sure she got the feet.