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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Camera or Phone Pouch - Crochet

Good morning,

When I published a pattern for a little pouch awhile back someone suggested it would be good to have a neck strap to take a camera or phone into the garden.  I often wear one of these over my neck and one shoulder so I can sling it to the back or tuck it in my clothing.  I believe I made the comment that I had such a pouch that I had made to use outside and that I would publish the pattern.

This one is made of hot pink nylon cord so it'll be easy to find if I should happen to put it down somewhere while working outside and it won't be damaged if it gets dirty or wet.  The loop on the button closure is easy to get on and off with one hand.  Of course, you can adjust the size, but this one will hold both my cell phone and my camera.


Camera or Phone Pouch - Crochet


Bright color nylon plumb line cord (mine is from Home Depot) - one package

G crochet hook

1" button

Sewing needle and thread to attach button

Starting at bottom:

Row 1: Ch 7, sc in second ch and in ea ch across. (6 sc), ch 1, turn

Rows 2 - 16, work even in sc. Do not break off.


Round 1: Working in rounds dc across ends and in end of each row of bottom. ch 2, turn

Rounds 2 - 9: work even in dc turning each row except at end of row 9.

Round 10: Work even in sc to middle of one side, ch 5, skip 1 st, sc the rest of the way around. Break off.

Loop for button: Ch 10, attach with sc in ch 5 loop made in round 9, ch 10 (loop made to use to secure button) , sc in ch 5 loop once again, ch 10, break off. Sew button under ch 10 loop just made.

Strap and top edge:

Join cord with sc at side, ch 120, join with sc on opposite side, ss back across chain just made to first side, ss at base to secure. Break off. Weave in all ends.



Erin Wallace said...

This is a really good idea and cute! Thanks for your encouragement, you are a good person, Lois.

xo Erin

River Glorious said...

i made something similar once, for my dd's retainers, but she lost them anyway. i wonder where the pouch is? i made a liner for it, and can't bear to think it's thrown away, since i can't really sew and this was my once-in-a-lifetime sewing endeavor.


so, do you melt the ends of this?

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning,

Yes, the concept of this little pouch has been the basis of many similar items. It's good to be able to make just the right holder for whatever needs to be held. ;)

No, Ambar, I didn't have to burn the ends. This stuff didn't unravel and I was able to just pull ends under as I do with regular yarn. I especially like the fact that you can't destroy it and the color is so bright I will find it if I lay it down outside somewhere.

Thank you for stopping by.

Very best,