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Monday, June 21, 2010

Follow Up Items from May, 2010

Good morning,

Here we are in June and I have some follow up from last month.

Above you see a picture of one of the Chalks Airlines planes taking off in Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida.  I had an article here about Chalks Airlines last month and its somewhat colorful past.  I hadn't seen a plane take off for several years, but shortly after I wrote that article, I heard the roar of an engine behind me as I sat at my computer, turned around to look out the window, and the above is what I saw.  I grabbed my camera and took that image through the glass.  The plane is taking off in Government Cut, the same part of Biscayne Bay where the cruise ships come and go. I just think it's neat.

The image above is of the pool deck of Majesty of the Seas.  I've had questions about things to do on board a ship and that is one of the nicest places to be, especially if you are cruising when it is snowing and cold where you live.
Here is the on board rock climbing wall.  You'll never get a picture of me up there and since I don't hang out there, you haven't see a picture of the wall here before.  If you look at the right side of this image you'll see some of the windows of the Viking Crown Lounge, the highest lounge on the ship where you can sit and enjoy a 360 degree view from 14 decks above the sea.  It's fun to watch people climbing outside on the back side of the rock wall if you are sitting in the aft part of the lounge.
I have been asked what there is to do in the ports.  This image was taken in Nassau, Bahamas. I have written a little about Atlantis on Paradise Island, but there are many other things to do while ashore.  Pictured above are two tour boats.  Some tours are a "booze cruise" (all you can drink - not my idea of fun), glass bottom boat (great pictures), helicopter tour (I've done it and loved it), island tours, and more.
And, from Key West, Florida, this image of a Eurasian Collared Dove was taken on one of my many walks over to the post office.  I'm sorry the image isn't better, but I was lucky to get this one before this pretty flew away.  I thought the bird looked unusual and when I stopped to catch that image a lady who lives in Key West and I started chatting.  She identified the bird for me and told me a little of the story of it being taken to the Bahamas, then the bird migrated over to Key West.  If you click on the link, you'll get more information about it.  I was surprised it is also found in the Arctic Circle in Norway.
And, here is the last image today.  This one was emailed to me from home from my daughter, Catherine.  She and Erik, pictured above, had just had a very active day out running and playing when she settled down at her computer to check her email.  Catherine enjoys edamame (soybeans steamed in the pod) as a snack; she saved the last few for Erik who lifted his sleepy head just enough to eat them. It was as if he said, "Oh, so good. And, now I am oh, so tired and won't bother to take my head out of the bowl as I go back to sleep....." That image is a hoot! 

So, that's my May, 2010 Follow Up.  I hope you enjoyed these with me.




Montanagirl said...

Enjoyed them very much! Nice camera work.

Anonymous said...

That is one thing I don't think I'll ever do...rock climb. I guess they put a harness on you...but still, I'd find a way to hurt myself...I'm too old for such fun things...I'll stay pool side with my run and coke...debbie

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

No rock climbing for me either... yikes... I dont have enough balance for that.
The picture of your dog is so cute!

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning,

Well, it seems like we are pretty much in agreement about that rock climbing wall. Yes, a harness is required for each climber, but for me it is much more fun to sit inside the Viking Crown Lounge with a glass of chardonnay and just watch through the glass. ;)

Thanks for stopping by.

Very best,

Tanya said...

What a funny picture of the tired doggy!