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Friday, June 18, 2010

Still on the Road - Georgia to Tennessee

Good morning,

We are still on the road today, just entering Atlanta, Georgia, from the South.  No, that's not us up there in that picture, I'm here behind the camera in the front seat of our Edge while My Honey is at the wheel.
I just love those cows putting up the Chik-a-fil signs.  If you've seen them, you know how cute they are.
Oops.  This appeared to be a one car accident and the driver was still in the car looking OK.  The tire tracks indicated she had spun off the road, but didn't flip over.  It's great she is OK, but this surely ruined her day.

We spent the night in Kennesaw, Georgia, just North of Atlanta...
...then got up early to drive into the mountains of Tennessee.  That mountain ridge ahead is just gorgeous.
 After a few hours we passed the green dinosaur fireworks store...
 ...and knew we were close to our regular stop...
...the Home Made Fudge Store at a Shell Station in Pioneer, Tennessee.  We have been stopping here every time we've gone by for six years.  That's about three times a year.  :)  Lots of fudge.  Yum.
This was such a darling scene at the Shell Station:  a very large man walking his very small poodle.
Now that we had our fudge fix we got back on the road and would soon be in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Tomorrow our road trip will take us home.  I hope you're enjoying the sights with us.

Very best,



Diana said...

Very nice road trip Lois! I would love to go on one when my husband is home but he never wants to leave the house! I can't imagine why!
Little dogs are very popular now. As proven by my husband and his two little dogs! LOL! Love Di ♥

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Lois, the road trip to your home is just as entertaining as the posts from Majesty. My favorite were the bikers! Enjoy the weekend back home. Happy Father's Day to your Honey too.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home. You guys look so cute on the bike. To bad you missed the Eastern Shore. Next week we will begin cruise season on the "Beautiful Onancock Creek" (as long as the sewage plant doesn't overflow)a real biggie here.

Anonymous said...

Enjoying the sights on our way back home. This weekend will be one of the Hottest days on record for June. I'm sure Ohio will be the same. hot and humid. oh yuck.
I hate extreme hot. Drive Safe....debbie

Marit Johanne said...

Home made fudge sounds great! I would have stopped there too :) You are right about Holmenkollen ski jump, it is the one you see from the port in Oslo. And I agree with you that shrimps on the dockside in Oslo is very nice! Tomorrow we are going on vacation to a cabin we have rented in the mountains. We will stay for one week. I will not be on-line,so I can't make a day by day report like you, but will sure show pictures when I come home. Enjoy your coming home.

Elaine said...

Looks like you are traveling through some beautiful country, and that fudge stand would definitely be a must-stop.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for your visit to my blog. Please come back anytime.

What a lovely trip you just returned from. I so enjoyed all the photos.

Have a blessed weekend.

Brigid said...

Thank you for the kind comments this week while we were dealing with Mom's passing.

I did laugh at the fudge sign. I had some business up in northern Michigan once, and there were fudge shops EVERYWHERE around Mackinack (I think I spelled that wrong). The local joke was that Mackinack was the local Indian name for fudge.

Travel safe.

River Glorious said...

Fudge is a good thing. :)

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning,

Ah, yes, the fudge hit the spot with some of you folks, too. This fudge store is also a Stuckey's and a souvenir shop with lots of mountaineer stuff. On the last two stops there I have seen a t-shirt that I would have bought for both My Honey and me if it had been in the right sizes. It has pictures of a band of armed Native Americans (long rifles, bows, arrows, etc) with the words, "Homeland Security." I just think that would be so cool for me to wear on my walks on the ships. ;) Maybe next time we go by.

Grenville, your cruise season sounds really exciting! I am just so sure you'll post pictures on your blog! ;) I eagerly await them!

Debbie, we are taking grand kids to a pool party with a bunch of Norwegians to celebrate the Summer Solstice today. I hope we can stay cool. :) I hope you're having fun at the cabin, Marit.

Welcome OK Granny. I enjoyed your blog and will come back again.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by.

Very best,