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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Snails and Sedum - Gardening

Good morning,

The character above and his friends and relatives were on the stone wall in front of my home when I took these pictures.

Snails aren't the favorites in most gardens, are they?  They are Mother Nature's clean up team, but they don't always restrict their diet to what needs to be cleaned up.   The snails in these images are somewhat pretty, but we have others without shells that are super destructive.  Some years they are worse than others depending on how much rain we have had.

I was out digging up some Sedum to move from my garden to a raised flower bed in front of my daughter's CPA office when I saw those snails and took the pictures.

I got the first Sedum in my garden from my son who brought over several different kinds of plants that he had dug out of a back yard garden he was reworking after moving into a new home more than 10 years ago.  The one Sedum he brought to me stayed in the front yard behind the catalpa tree for a few weeks while I tried to figure out what I might do with it.  I finally decided to break off pieces and put them on either side of the front walk.  That turned out beautifully.  I now have 30 to 40 big round plants of pretty leaves with pink flowers in the Fall.  That's perfect to top off the other flowers that have faded by then.

I broke off a few pieces of those plants down the front walk and started these young plants a couple of years ago in the area behind a wall in my front garden.  Those are the 15 plants pictured in the plastic bin.

My Mom called them Live Forevers and that certainly is what they are.  Some people can't seem to get rid of them, but I think they are pretty neat.  They just "work" in some spots.

It's fun to propagate and share plants, isn't it!

Very best,



Wanda said...

I appreciate the Live Forevers and snails too, Lois! I have my share of each. Wish all plants were as thrivable.
Today I have a small kitchen garden to plant, a Smoke Bush that needs a permanent home and a gazebo that needs attention, so I still have to put off posting for awhile.
The outdoor calls!!!

River Glorious said...

Ugh. Snails. And the houseless snails really gross me out! I have to find out what plant you are talking about... I'm so lazy, though, haha! You'll get me gardening and making bread yet!



Elaine said...

It is really nice to be able to share plants. Somehow they seem to have more meaning when we have a lovely plant that someone gave to us. I've always liked Sedum, but our climate isn't the best for them, and I never see snails like that in my yard.

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning, Ladies,

The first thing My Honey said when he looked at this article yesterday was, "Looks like escargot to me!" He's so cute. :)

Wanda, I hope you are doing well with that kitchen garden. Catherine is working with one, too, and we expect to have all kinds of good stuff from it soon. :)

Yes, sharing plants is great, Elaine. That's what fun about living in the same place for many years. There is a story behind just about everything we have planted. Many of the flowers came from shared bulbs or cuttings.

Very best,

River Glorious said...

"Escargot"??? Ewwww!!! Your honey is gross! He would probably get along fine with mine, haha!

I suppose by now you know what I'm going to say, don't you? Keep him, Lois! :D

Anonymous said...

My sister and I share plants quite frequently. She just gave me a huge bunch of ...oh dear forget...oH! flocks. They are bright pink. Planted them in the front yard, in my little tiny cirle garden...and as for those snails. oh yuck. the memory of them from my child hood are not so hot. I remember how they smell and stepping on those little slimy things. My sister and I would collect them however, and watch them as they came out...I'm glad we don't have any in the yard....lol....debbie

Olive Knitting said...

Beautiful snails. YES! to sharing plants. It makes them look that much prettier when you are reminded of the person who gave them to you. I got a bunch of tomotoes and peppers from a neighbor who started them from seed. I imagine that fruit will take so much better than from the plants I bought.