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Friday, May 28, 2010

Flower Stories and a Friendly Garden Critter

Good morning,

Do you have stories about the flowers in your garden? I love the idea that there are so many stories about the various flowers in my garden because I have had the pleasure of living in the same home for 31 years. I have a few flower images that I haven't published here and stories about them that I would like to share.

Warning to my friend Sherry or others who don't like snakes: There is a picture of a beautiful, harmless garter snake at the bottom of this article. If snakes bother you, please do NOT scroll down. :)

The beautiful white iris above is one of the older classic varieties popular before all of the color mixing that has produced so many more beautiful color combinations. This one was a gift from my friend Barb. Her daughter was moving and dug up a few of her rhizomes to take with her and share with her Mom. Barb shared a few of those rhizomes with me and that beautiful white iris is a bloom from one of those rhizomes.

 This is another of the classic iris colors. I know I planted these, but I don't remember how many years ago. This image was taken as soon as the sun came out after a gentle rain.

This is a newer addition to my garden and was a gift from my friend Carol a couple of years ago. I took this image while it was still opening.

This peony bud had attracted the ants that myth tells us are required for the buds to open. In reality, the ants are attracted to the marvelous sweetness of the buds. I left on a trip before the buds opened. Perhaps my daughter has some images of the blossoms for me? I hope so. :)

The honeysuckle were in bloom when I left and the bees had found them.

These pinks are brand new. I bought a flat of them and planted some in the back of the house, some in the front, and some in my daughter's raised flower bed at her office building. In addition to Iris and other flowers, my mother planted Pinks. These flowers bring back wonderful memories of her garden.

And, here in the front garden, sunning himself (or herself?) is a harmless garter snake that is growing fat on all of the snails and slugs that are found in the garden. I always welcome garter snakes. I was able to walk up and take several pictures and he never moved. He is very brave to be out sunning in such an obvious spot because we have hawks in the neighborhood that are big enough to kill and eat starlings, doves, and pigeons. I am sure this fellow would be a tasty treat for one of those hawks.

So, that's a little story about what was blooming in the garden when we left at the end of April for a trip. I look forward to seeing the changes in the garden when we return in June.

Every year when these flowers bloom again I remember the friends and events that brought them here. Do you have stories about the flowers in your garden?

Very best,

Tennison Ridge German Bearded Iris Rhizome - New


Wanda said...

Snakes are OK with me Lois, I've posted many myself! About 20 years ago I saw a hawk fly over the field with a snake dangling underneath.

My garden has stories too, it contains flowers transplanted from both of our childhood homes and fern & wildflowers from the woods, an Asiatic lily named Kathryn found and bought with my g/daughter Katie, Lilac bush given on Mother's day, Tea Roses and lilies from my mother, False Indigo from my son and an old perenial 'potato vine' started by my dad 45 years ago.

Gardens are a continuation of life and memories aren't they!

Your flowers are beautiful, I love the pale blue Iris!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

What lovely pictures, Lois. Flowers are so so beautiful, always! Happy thoughts for a sweet sweet weekend. xx

Sherry said...

Different strokes for different strokes. . . you are still my friend, even if you like SNAKES!!! Loves the flower pictures! I suppose I have harrassed the two snakes I found in my backyard enough that word has gotten out in the snake world, stay away from that woman, she doesn't like snakes and will take drastic action!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Came across your blog from a link on another blog - On the Pond, also an interesting blog. I enjoyed your lovely flower photos and accompanying descriptions. This year we have a large wildflower garden and its provided lots of photo opportunities. We enjoy drop-ins. Please feel free to stop by and visit our blog (thefrogandpenguinn).

Lois Evensen said...

Good Morning,

First, I must say my friend Sherry is very, very brave to have scrolled down to see that snake when I know how much she doesn't like them. Now that's a REAL friend! :)))

I love the story of your garden, Wanda. It's wonderful to remember the people and events that brought our gardens together to be so beautiful.

Welcome, Beatrice! I stoppped by your blog and am so glad I did! It's really great. I became a follower so I don't miss anything. :) Saskia also has a gorgeous blog. She has a way of making very simple things so very beautiful.

Thank you, Ladies, for stopping by.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend,

Deere Driver said...

I wish I knew my snakes better. I know there are more poisonous ones around here, and I hope I know them when I see them!