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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back to Key West, Florida

Good morning,

Here we are in Key West again for just a few pictures today.  We are here once a week and I always go ashore. 

The picture above is of the shops at the dockside.  There are often some VERY gorgeous privately owned yachts tied up here and there are plenty of shops here to provide whatever items the people on those yachts might want. 
Another walk through the Truman Complex, this time past a lovely water fountain.
And this is the really cool picture I wanted to share today.  This Banyan tree was obviously here before the fence here in the Truman Complex, but the sidewalk was here before the tree.
And, finally, here is a little vehicle perfect for getting around the Island of Key West.  It's definitely not for big or tall people.

We'll be back in Key West again soon.  I will have some images of the famous Duval Street coming, too.

Very best,



Sherry said...

Interesting pictures. The one of the tree roots really caught my eye. You don't see that often. Aren't those little cars cute? When I see them on the road it looks like a wind up toy car running down the road!

Anonymous said...

OH! What are we doing back in Florida so soon?? I was hoping to catch a few sights of the Island! Rats. The Banyun trees are amazing. I've been to see the oldest one in the states that takes up a city block there in Florida. Can't think of the town. Across from Marco Island. Those cars are just ugly. Enjoyed the photos of Key West! ...debbie

Diana said...

The waterfall was very nice Lois, and I love that tree. Amazing!
Love Di ♥

Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Gorgeous pictures, I have never seen a tree like that before it seems to be growing on itself.
Thanks for sharing

Cheryl said...

I am so in awe of the tree. Its amazing with all of its big roots. And the tiny car, it almost looks like one of the little Matchbox cars my boys played with!

Wanda said...

Loved the Banyan tree photo and I just recently saw a tiny car myself at the gas station...it looked like a toy...it was so small!

River Glorious said...

like the car! :)

Elaine said...

I have never been to Florida, but someday we are going to have to visit there. Key West looks delightful. The banyan tree is lovely.

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning,

Yes, Key West is surely unique. I have some images coming of the famous Duval Street coming soon. We will be in Key West once a week for another two weeks and hope to have lunch there the second time. There is something new and different to see every time we are there.

There is a MUCH larger banyan tree down the block on Whitehead Street from the one pictured. It consumes the front lawns of two old homes that are now known as The Banyan timeshare.

Debbie, if you mean you were hoping for more land pictures of Nassau, that was the plan when our daughter planned to visit us this week. Sadly, at the last minute she and her friend had to cancel because she was asked to be a witness. She and a friend will join us later this summer on a much larger ship going to different ports. BTW, Delta was wonderful about the change fee for her flights being changed to August flights because she has documentation for the reason for the change.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Very best,