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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cincinnati, Ohio to Atlanta, Georgia - Road Trip

Good morning,

Last week we left Cincinnati, Ohio, for Miami, Florida.  We love road trips and we were in no hurry as long as we woke up three days later in Miami.  We make this journey several times a year.

So, if you like road trip pictures, here are the images from Cincinnati to our first stop in Atlanta.   My camera was clicking often and I shot a whole lot more images than I'm showing here.  My honey and I had lots of fun as he would point out picture ideas, too:  "There's a good one," and push the button for my window so I could get the picture. 

We passed the world headquarters of Procter & Gamble in downtown Cincinnati...

...Riverfront Stadium, the home of the Cincinnati Reds...

...then across the mighty Ohio River to...

...to the Bluegrass State of Kentucky...

...where it rained the entire time we were there.  This was not fun driving for my honey.

When we reached Tennessee, the clouds opened up and the sunshine returned.

I just love descriptive names.

Crossing the Tennessee River...

...and into the mountains.  Ah, the mountains.

Only two more hours to our first stop just South of Atlanta.  We planned to be South of Atlanta so we won't have to fight rush hour traffic in the morning when we head South to Florida.


Atlanta traffic.  :(  Actually, it wasn't so bad hitting it now, knowing our hotel was reserved just on the other side of Atlanta.  Tomorrow morning we will be able to sail along to Florida without fighting this traffic.

If you are still with us this far and are having fun with us on our road trip, tune in tomorrow for the images from Atlanta to Vero Beach, Florida.

Very best,



Wanda said...

Of course you know the Cicinnati sights are familiar to me, but the route to Florida has been taken often too. I actually lived in Georgia for a bit and my in-laws spent their winters in Florida.
We haven't been there for awhile though!

Diana said...

I love seeing others travel adventures! Long car rides hurt my knees too much! My husband is a truck driver and always, always complains about Atlanta traffic! Sounds like a fun trip Lois, I'll be waiting for more photos! Love Di ♥

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed my trip to Atlanta. And enjoyed the sights! Poor Kentucky and Tennessee were just flooded from the rain. Glad you didn't have any problems. I wonder when all the nasty oil will hit Florida shores. Won't be very good for all the Summer vacationers. Well, I just had breakfast so I'll be ready for my journey to Florida!!...debbie

Marit Johanne said...

I enjoyed very much to travel with you! It is so nice to see pictures from others travels. My husband doesn't like long drives so we don't travel very long. I have been visiting US once. 4 years ago I visited my friend in St. Louis. I loved that trip!!

granny said...

I enjoyed the trip! Lol...cant wait for day 2 !
(you do realise you are all driving on the wrong side of the road !!)

Erin Wallace said...

Love Stinking Creek Road! Though not sure I'd like to live there . . .


River Glorious said...

I once went to Georgia. We were stuck in a traffic jam for hours. No cars moving. "Jam" does not aptly describe it, though.

Lois Evensen said...

Good morning, Ladies,

Yes, it's a long ride and my back bothers me if I'm not in a comfortable seat with plenty of leg room. We feel very comfy in our Ford Edge. Our last car road trip was an Escape which was little smaller. A friend just bought a new Escape and we noticed it is much larger than our older one was. That older Escape is now the "dog car" that Catherine uses to go to the dog park and dog shows. :)

Yes, the people in Tennessee are having a terrible time with the water. We just missed that by a couple of days. It is so very sad for them.

Granny, My Honey read your comment about us driving on the wrong side of the steet. He laughed and said, "That's why we don't drive in St. Thomas [US Virgin Islands]. We would kill ourselves!" :))

Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs to all,