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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Seussical Jr. - The Musical

Good morning,

My grandson's Sixth Grade class recently performed the musical Seussical Jr.  David had the role of The Grinch, however in these particular pictures he is not in the typical Grinch costume.


He's the handsome guy in the yellow T shirt.  The stop-action image above caught the kids in the middle of song and dance.

The After-Party was lots of fun, too!

The kids worked very hard on this production and did a very, very good job.  The production was downright professional.

Congratulations to David and the entire Sixth Grade Class for an excellent evening of entertainment.

I'll be sure to tell your cousins out of town to take a look to see this, too, David.  :)

Lois  aka VPG  (Very Proud Granny)



Wanda said...

I can just imagine the smile on your face, Lois...while watching David (and the others) in the musical!
He's a good looking young man, who appears very sweet too! Am I right, in thinking that he resembles you? Love the blue eyes!

granny said...

I bet it was a wonderful night !
Nice to see a young man interested in performing in a 6th grade musical :0)
Well done David !

Anonymous said...

I can tell you are the proud Gramma!! It's amazing what these kids can do with the right teachers! And I agree, he is a very handsome young man, who looks like he's freezing in that coat!! lol...debbie

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Wanda, Granny, and Debbie,

David and his family are camping this weekend so haven't seen the pictures yet, but his Dad knows they are there and will show him tomorrow when they get home in time for church. :)

Thanks for your sweet comments. I'm glad David will see them, too.

Very best,

Jo said...

Ahhh I can see your smile from here.
My congratulations to Master David on his part of the Grinch.