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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bread Baking Proofing Baskets and Pans

Good morning,
New toys!  I just got some new toys!

My honey and I have certain types of stores we consider our toy stores:  those include computer stores, hardware stores, yarn/fabric and hobby stores, kitchen stores....  

In our travels I had been looking for a new Banneton proofing basket.  It's used for the second rise of bread to form the loaf with distinctive rings.  After seeing them in the stores for a ridiculous price, I found just what I wanted on Amazon.  

I don't use the proofing basket often since I usually divide dough into smaller quantities to be able to share with others, but it is nice to have to prepare a pretty loaf when serving a large group of people.

There are also plastic proofing baskets that produce the same rings on the dough while it is rising. I think I need some new ones of those, too.  :)

While I was ordering the proofing basket, I replaced my bread pans that are perfect for making 4 half loaves.  

The form and pans arrived quickly so I had to use them right away. 
Pictured is my Cream Cheese and Chives Bread recipe.  

In addition to bread pans, you can bake bread in just about anything that is oven safe such as pie pans, corning ware, or other casserole dishes.   I'm sure I've used just about everything that is oven safe in my kitchen to bake bread at one time or another.

You don't have to have special toys, but it sure is fun.

Very best,




Wanda said...

How true it is that some purchases make life more fun! Your loaf does have an expensive bakery look. The new mini loaf pan will be convenient and easier to handle than individual ones.
I cheated yesterday, Lois and bought 2 loaves of garlic, 2 loaves of whole grain and two loaves of ciabatta at Costco. Most of it is in the freezer. I do like to bake myself, just too busy outside at the moment. You impress me with all your baking!
I love good crusty bread more than sweets!

granny said...

Hi Lois,
I love the proofing baskets! Ive been looking for one myself.
I had 2 goes at the sour dough starter...all was well till day 4 both times,then just went lifeless ??? No bubbles!
Any clues to why?

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Wanda and Granny,

It's so nice to see you both here.

It's not cheating to buy bread, Wanda. :)) Thank you for your very kind words.

Granny, I don't know for sure what went wrong with your yeastie beasties, but some of the problems can be temperature (it likes warm, but not too warm), materials (metal container instead of plastic or pottery?), something getting into the culture since we don't seal it tight (something in the air?), something in the water (some folks use boiled, then cooled water - I use tap water), flour (the type of flour or something in it that doesn't belong when you bought it?)....

Perhaps you could try again with a new batch of flour?

I hope it works for you next time. Let me know if you have other questions. I would love to help you make it work.


granny said...

Hi Lois,I used a pottery bowl and plate on top.I changed the flour the second time...
Maybe temps??? Its getting down to 14c over night,but day times are around 29c..maybe to up and down?
59f - 86f...roughly.

Diana said...

I had no idea that bread pans had advanced this much! It's been years since I've made bread! I still have my old loaf pans.
Love Di ♥

Lois Evensen said...

Hi again, Granny,

Yes, as I was falling asleep last night I was trying to think of what else might have caused problems for your sourdough and I came up with temperature as related to time as the only thing I hadn't hit on while brainstorming when I responded before.

Since you have a range of temperatures, perhaps the time was altered from what my sourdough does in my kitchen. If your temps fall the yeast action slows. Perhaps your sourdough culture just needed an extra day or two or three to get started.

Diana, there's nothing wrong with your old loaf pans! Bread is good no matter what you use to bake it.



granny said...

I will give it another go this weekend ! I dont give in that easy,lol!Happy days to you :0)