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Friday, April 2, 2010

Bread in the Bird Feeders and Daffodils in the Rain

Good morning,

I've been asked about all that bread I make:  Do you eat it all?  What do you do with what is left over? 

We certainly eat plenty of it, but no, we don't eat it all.  I generally give away about half of each batch I make to relatives, friends, and neighbors.  My daughter also takes some to her office and to meetings. 

What is left over at home when the next day's batch comes out of the oven goes into the bird feeder baskets in our front garden that you see in the picture above.  We get some beautiful birds and plenty of squirrels, too, that quickly finish off whatever we put out there.  We can watch the feeders from the front living room french doors and from the sitting room on the second floor. 

I haven't been able to get quality pictures through the windows, but my honey has said he will set up his camera to get some pictures of the action at the bird feeders.  When he does, I will share those images here. 

Today there was a gentle rain when I took the bread outside.  The daffodils were all leaning and dancing in the gentle wind:  a beautiful sight.




1 comment:

charlotte said...

Thank you for your comment in my blog! Your daffodils are so lovely, we have some as well - but inside in a pot on the table. This is a really smart way of dealing with leftover bread!