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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sachet - Crochet

Good morning,

This sachet is a continuation of yesterday's article about how to dry lavender and ways you can use it. 

If you don't have dried lavender, you can still make the sachet and stuff it with cotton balls with a small amount of perfume on the cotton balls.  Be sure to put only a small amount of perfume in the center of the cotton balls so it does not stain the outside of the sachet.

These make a nice Mothers Day gift and are also very, very well received at retirement homes.

Any dried lavender you don't use in sachets can be sprinkled on your carpet and swept up to provide a pleasant scent in your vacuum sweeper.



Lavender-filled Crochet Sachet


2 pieces:  4" x 4 " cotton fabric

E crochet hook

2 strands of #10 crochet cotton OR double strand Royale thread.

A few yards of white and a few yards of pink and/or red for flower.

18" of thin ribbon to make hanger (optional).

Pouch to hold dried lavender:

Holding right sides together, stitch 1/4" seams on 3 sides.  Turn right side out, fill with dried lavender, fold under fourth side and stitch closed.

Crochet Back Square:

Note:  This is a basic granny square. The rules are to always chain 3 in each corner which is necessary to neatly crochet squares together, and ch 1 between 3 dc shells on sides.:

Round 1: With 2 strands of white, ch 4, join with ss to form ring, ch 2 (counts as first dc), 2 dc in ring, ch 3, 3 dc in ring (corner made), ch 1, repeat from * twice more. (four courners, 4 sides of 3 dc each), join with ss to top of first ch 2. ss to corner.

Round 2: work corner in corner, ch 1, work corner in next corner, repeat around to start, ss in top of ch 2, ss to corner.

Round 3 - 5: make corner in corner ch 3 sp of previous round, work 3 dc in each ch 1 of previous round to next corner, continue around in pattern, join with top of ch 2 with ss. ss to corner, except at end of round 5.  After joining, break off.

Front Square:

Round 1 (white): ch 4, join with ss to form ring, work 12 dc in ring, ss to top of first dc. break off.

Round 2 : This is the flower. Join yarn in top of any dc of first round. 4 tr in same space, turn to back ss between first and second tr, pull tight (pedal made), turn to front, ch 3, *4 tr in next st of round 1, turn to back, ss in chain close to the first of the 4 dc just made, pull tight, turn to front, ch 3. Repeat from *. End by joining with ss to ch after first pedal made close to the pedal.

Round 3: Now you'll turn your round flower into a square. Join with ss in any ch 3 sp. In same space work 3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc (corner made). *Ch 1, 3 sc in next space twice. Ch 1, work corner in next space. Repeat around ending with ss to beginning of round. You'll have four corners of 3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc and two sides of 3 sc in each of 2 ch 2 sp.

Round 4: This is a classic granny square round: Join yarn in any corner, 3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc in same space (corner made), work 3 dc, ch 1 in the next 2 ch 1 sp to corner. Continue around working corners in corners and 3 dc shells in each space on side. Note that I use ch 3 in corners. This is important to keep the finished product flat when you join squares while working round 5.

Round 5: This is the joining round. First square: Holding wrong sides together, work round five same as round 4 EXCEPT, instead of second ch in corner, ss into corresponding corner and instead of ch 1 between shells, work ss into corresponding ch 1 space of front. Work first 3 sides, slip sachet packet containing lavender between front and back, then complete the fourth side.

Hanger (optional):

The hanger makes it possible to hang in a closet.

Fold 18" of narrow ribbon in half and knot as in image to make hanger.  

The sachet can be placed in lingerie or stationery drawers anywhere you would like to have a lovely scent.  



~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Your crochet sachets are so cute. Adorable. Such a great idea to spread the lovely scent by vacuuming... Hope your week is sunny and happy! XO

Wanda said...

Your crochet sachets would make lovely gifts!

I've placed other things in my vacuum, but never thought of lavender sprigs...Thanks Lois!