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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Busy Day with Erik in the Back Yard Garden

 So much to do!  Yes, it's Spring and there is so much to do in the garden.  It's so much fun to get out and smell the aromas of Spring flowers and feel the warm sun. That pretty hyacinth and a few more like it have been blooming in the back garden for about 20 years.  I  have always had dogs, but when my Dad moved in about 20 years ago and brought his dog she didn't respect the little fences I had put up around the flowers.
  I decided the back garden was for the dogs and the front garden would be for the flowers so I didn't bother trying to enforce the little flower fence rules. In fact, I got rid of the little fences.  Sadly, my Dad and his dog are gone now, but the dogs we have now, the dog toys, and the flowers live in harmony in the back garden.  Those pretty hyacinths just keep coming back to grow beside the dogs and dog toys.
This stack of small limbs has been next to and on top of the side of the logs for a couple of years.  It was time for them to be cut down to size to be kindling so my honey took on the challenge.
With help from Erik, our year old Labrador Retriever, my honey set up shop and got to work...
...while I moved the compost around from bin number 1 to bin number 2 to bin number 3.  It's good exercise, and it makes great compost for the flowers.
Erik was there to help and to chase anything that landed in his little pool. 
Almost got it!
Then he got to work helping stack the sticks that "Dad" was cutting up.
It's tough work!
Finally the job was finished and the small limbs were stacked with the firewood logs.
Time to roll in the saw dust.  :)
I put down grass seed and straw on all those bare spots.
And we all sat back to admire the lacy leaves on the trees overhead. 

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures and story of Erik's Spring day in the back yard garden.



Wanda said...

Hi Lois,
I worked in my gardens...front and back yesterday too. Just like there, we had a small stack of logs that needed moved to the woodshed. We are actually in the process of putting up a fence, trying to keep the squirrels from stealing the tomatoes, something new they learned last year, after 20 years of no problem! Next, I need to spread some compost. Endless spring jobs, but I enjoy it, I think of it as healthy exercise also.

I haven't been to Jungle Jim's for about a year, but over 40 years ago, when he started as a farmer's market, we lived just down the road then. It is an adventure to go there.

Enjoy this nice Spring Sunday, Lois!

Sherry said...

Loved the Erik pictures! I had planned to work in the yard this weekend too - in between tending to my sourdough bread making - but it is cold and rainy here.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your posts. The flowers are a pretty pink. I have tulips that come up every year for the past 19 years in the front garden.Erik seems to be enjoying himself with all the work going on and a little swim and a good roll in the sawdust! I'm going to be pulling weeds in the front garden today. Ugh...have a wonderful Sunday. We're going to have great weather today and you usually have the same weather as we do...debbie

Diana said...

Oh Lois I love Erik! I had a black Lab many years ago. Such a sweet and faithful breed. I love seeing him in is pool and he appears to be a good helper too. I think you are wonderful for letting him keep his toys with the flowers. There is something very natural about that! Love Di ♥

Lois Evensen said...

Good evening, Ladies,

I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers Jungle Jim's as a fruit stand! When I mention that to most people now, I just get a blank stare.

I loved the pics Sherry's sourdough on her blog today! Those loaves look absolutely perfect!

Thanks to all for stopping by. I really appreciate hearing from you and visiting your blogs, too.

Very best,

Elaine said...

It looks like you had a lovely spring day. Eric is a doll, and busy as only a lab can be. We had a sunny warm day today too, about 60 degrees, but there is still some snow in the yard, so not quite time to do yard cleanup. Soon though, and I don't look forward to that chore!