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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Gift of Yarn - Knit and Crochet - Part 1 of 2

Good morning,

This hat and scarf were made from yarn given to me by the mother of a friend who works with my husband.  Tomorrow I will publish the pattern I designed for this special yarn;  today I'll tell you the story of how I received it.

Our friend and his mother are Norwegians so it was special at Christmas a couple of years ago that his mother was on board the ship with us where the guys work. Our Friend's Mom had brought her knitting and was making children's socks to donate to charities in Norway. I was busy making Christmas tree decorations out of #10 thread to give as gifts. I gave Friend's Mom some of the decorations I had made and showed her the other items I was making at the time: doll clothes for 18" and 11-1/2" dolls, sweaters, hats, household items, etc.

Before she left the ship, Mom gave me several balls of Norwegian yarn. Oh, what a gift! I love Norwegian yarn! She gave me five partially used balls of the same kind of wool: different amounts, no labels. My husband, also born in Norway, saw the yarn sitting in our stateroom and said, "I could use a new hat and scarf to wear at home while walking the dogs." What a perfect use for this yarn! The dog walking at home sometimes happens when it is dark outside so this was perfect. The scarf and hat patterns are totally ad lib. They fit perfectly because I measured, then held the items up/tried them on as I worked.

Shortly after Christmas we came home to the USA for vacation and our friend went home to Norway on vacation. A couple of months later we returned to the ship a week before our friend who arrived with a whole suitcase full of yarn for me from his Mom. Wow! There was soooo much yarn! She had cleaned out her stash and packed it into a suitcase that literally exploded with yarn popping out everywhere when we opened it. There were little partially used balls of yarn and whole hanks and skeins, some as many as 24 of the same dye lot!

I grouped all the small amounts of different colors and made this afghan; I supplied the black for the border. I sent the afghan home to Friend's Mom in the same suitcase that brought the yarn to me with a big THANK YOU for the treasured yarn she had sent to me. From the rest of the yarn that came in that suitcase I have made four sweaters, more scarves and hats than I can count, Christmas decorations, doll clothes, baby blankets.... Click here for the raised flower afghan pattern.

So, thanks again, Friend's Mom! You are a wonderfully generous lady.




Olive Knitting said...

Great story of crafters sharing. I love it. Beautiful afghan!!!!! Can't wait for the hat pattern.

Anonymous said...

What a neat story and I love, love the hat!! The colors are just beautiful! And the little colored yarns on top matched the scarf! Really cute!! The black afghan is just beautiful and so colorful! Just like your personality I betcha'!!...debbie

Jo said...

I love the hat and scarf, as well as the afghan. I started an afghan for my daughter several years ago. I get busy with other things and set it aside for a few months and then work on it again. From the time I started it, she has gone through a messy divorce, came close to mental collapse, picked herself up and is now engaged to a wonderful man who believes the sun rises and sets in her. They are going to marry when my oldest grand daughter graduates which will be in a year. I am determined to finish this afghan and give it to her as a wedding gift. It has been planned as a birthday, Christmas, Easter....(you name it) gift for longer than I care to think about it. With only 20 squares to go and stitching it all together I am determined to make this up coming joyous occasion.

Have a Blessed week!

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Lynn, Debbie, and Jo,

It is fun to share crafty things, isn't it!

I have another story coming about a beautiful lady for whom I made a couple of hats in December. She won't be knitting any more so surprised me with some gorgeous yarn when she and her sister were here for dinner. She reads this blog so I'll have a thank you post soon with pictures of that gorgeous yarn she gave me.

Thank you, Ladies, for your kind words. :)

Very best,

Elaine said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments. The story of the gift of yarn is lovely, and the things you made from the yarn are gorgeous. I've been browsing a bit back through your blog, and your magnolia blossoms are so beautiful. Our snow is melting, but so far the only thing to pop out is pussy willows. I'll be back to visit more late.

Wanda said...

That was a wonderful generous thing for you to do as well, Lois...sending that beautiful afghan you made, to your friend's mom. She gave all that yarn to the right person! I loved the blend of colors you used!

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Elaine and Wanda,

Thank you both for your sweet comments.

And, welcome Elaine. It's so nice to have you here.