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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter, Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday

Happy Easter!

 Today is not only an important Christian Observance, it is also the 46th wedding anniversary of our friends Harry and Doris.  My husband and I were having dinner with Harry and Doris last year on their anniversary, but this year we are not able to be with them.  Although we cannot be together to celebrate this year, we send them our very best wishes.

Last year while having dinner with Harry and Doris our newest little four-legged baby was born.  Our Erik is one year old today.  Harry and Doris, also lovers of four-legged babies, are Erik's honorary godparents.

Very best to all,



Sherry said...

What a nice post!

Erin Wallace said...

Happy Easter! Thank you for visiting and joining my site - I really appreciate it! I'll be checking on on yours, too! Thanks again!

Lois Evensen said...

Thanks, Sherry and Erin, for your sweet comments.

Doris and Harry saw the Happy Anniversary message, too, but their comment to this post got away and landed on another post:


I'm glad they saw their greeting. They're a very nice couple.


River Glorious said...

Harry and Doris, Happy Anniversary. :) :) :)

Happy Resurection Sunday, Lois. :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Iris!! Happy Anniversary to your friends Harry & Doris. 46 years is a long time! Erik is looking very handsome!! Have a good week and Happy Spring...debbie